Videos and details from eyewitnesses after deadly volcano eruption l ABC News

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Videos and details from eyewitnesses after deadly volcano eruption l ABC News 4.5

Nine Americans were on the New Zealand island when the deadly eruption that killed at least 6 people occurred.

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Who could imagine that an active volcano would erupt?

Author — Red Coyote Jam Garden


The family that owns the volcano... craziest part of this story.

Author — Brandon Keyes


Well on the up side...When I see things like this it makes me glad I am poor and cant' afford to travel to exotic places...

Author — Jeff Weston


Why do people feel the need to walk inside volcanoes? Smh

Author — JB Chad


So refreshing hearing a world leader speak clearly and compassionately after a tragedy.

Author — Glenn Hessel


Scientist: Warning We have info that this volcano has a possibility to erupt soon.
Tourist: We want to go there now.

Author — ankevious oliver


You know, I found a DIY hack for this. A little home remedy I discovered on a whim.

It's called, "staying away from volcanoes."

It's pretty neat. I know this is anecdotal and might sound crazy to some people, but it appears as though I have survived for quite a while without my face melting off via lava flying everywhere. Works well for me.

Author — Alydia Forten


How bad is your luck when you go to a volcano and it erupts

Author — John Dowling


That's like playing Russian roulette ✌️

Author — Richard Chouinard


They should know better just stay away.
One does not simply walk into Mordor

Author — shaun marks


The big lesson all should learn. Most nations dont have OSHA, or security protections like the USA.
They want your money. American laws are meaningless outside our borders.. Be aware, careful.

Author — Rahul The cabana boy


Just stay away from things like that. Simple.

Author — Lisa Harris


"some are still accounted for" we want to believe that was a mistake. but im betting he thinks that's how you say it.

Author — diasioiii


it's a shame that darwin never sleeps. most will get that one.

Author — Steve Garcia


“I wonder if this sleeping lion will wake up if I poke it...” 🙄 Yeah, let’s go and see the World’s most active volcano 🤦‍♂️

Author — Adrian R


Thankfully many of the victims jumped into the sea as the deadly volcanic cloud advanced. Unfortunately the sea was boiling.

Author — lukewarm17


George just LOVES pointing “ the R; over Here...”

Author — Alan Werner


Absolutely Horrifying! God Bless Them!

Author — ROXEY


3:06 bruh wtf did the guy on the right just lag in the helicopter

Author — matthewmmk


The family won't own it for long after the lawyers get through

Author — ora et labora