The Enemy Brothers Who Founded Adidas and PUMA

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The Enemy Brothers Who Founded Adidas and PUMA 5

The Enemy Brothers Who Founded ADIDAS and PUMA | The Story

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What is adidas?
What is puma?
Is Puma owned by Nike?
Are the owners of Puma and Adidas related?
Who owns the brand Puma?
Is Puma owned by Gucci?
Who is the owner of Adidas company?
Is Reebok owned by Adidas?
Who owns Adidas and Puma?
Are Nike and Adidas owned by the same company?
Does adidas own Puma?
Why does Adidas have 2 different logos?
Who owns Puma?
Which is better Adidas or Puma?
Is Adidas better than Nike?
Does Jay Z own Puma?
Does Rihanna own Puma?
Which is better Adidas or Puma?
Which is bigger Adidas or Puma?
Did Adidas buy Puma?
Is Puma a good company?
Who currently owns Adidas?
Why did Puma and Adidas split?
What is the original Adidas logo?
Which is bigger Adidas or Puma?
How much money does Puma make a year?
How much money does Adidas make a year?

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Hello Aluxers! Which one is better Adidas or Puma?

Disclaimer: signing up for Audible will result in financial compensation towards Alux Inc at no additional cost to you, the consumer.

Author —


*Being a true entrepreneur* - working with whatever you have and finding the most original solutions

Author — O'SSÉIN


Never known that owner of Adidas and puma were of them are inspiring.
Alux is really doing well about giving information and motivating.
Thank you Alux!!👍💕

Author — friend lyrics


I'm calling my Adidas sneakers Dasslers from now on.

Author — Thin White Duke


This is one of my favorite Stories
Clicked so fast

I prefer PUMA tho
My middle name is Adolfo

Author — Ripped Rick


This is a good one, Alux. I never knew this interesting story.

Author — Marc St.James


Watching this while wearing adidas sneakers, thank you Alux, I never knew this fascinating story about two brands.

Author — sifael joseph


I love their history and how they started out from being a small company to a big company

Author — Aaron Austrie


There is a "graphic typo" at time stamp 8:48 the voice over says nineteen ninety five(1995) but the graphic shows nineteen eighty five(1985).

Author — Idarious Osborn


Nike rules the sports shoe industry. 💜✔

Author — Sebastian Stan


I thought I was in "the History Guy" channel. Oops. Awesome information. Thank you

Author — Kneaded


Nice story. I like Nike though and own that for my portfolio

Author — Investing Education


I’m early. 3rd to view ❤️🤗. I love Alux and thanks for always inspiring me.

Author — Chaloe Vibes


Happy Monday, Miss Alux Announcer 😘 stay lovely !!!

Author — Back Bay Man52


There’s always a chance for someone else to win or lose.

Author — Clubbin Mag


Now I have a greater appreciation for my Adidas Stan Smiths. 👟

Author — MrShinobi797


I'm from Brazil and met the channel today and I'm loving it
Congratulations for the content. And I'm sorry, I'm not good at english yet

Author — Marcia LN


Wow, what a shame. Their hatred for one another made them become the very best in the athletic shoe industry.

Author — Dolsie Mercado


I have a life changing concept behind my inventions kinda stuck on creating it can you contact me.

Author — Colin Chandler


Roberto Blake, Gary V and Alux are one of the reasons why I'm currently receiving monthly brand deals/sponsorships and over 10k YouTube subscribers. Thank you for sharing your videos. =)

Author — Juice