Comey Hearing Adds to Chaos of Trump Presidency: A Closer Look

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Comey Hearing Adds to Chaos of Trump Presidency: A Closer Look 4.5

Seth takes a closer look at the FBI's investigation into Russia's interference in the presidential election, and President Trump's wiretapping claims.
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Comey Hearing Adds to Chaos of Trump Presidency: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Germany is one of our strongest alies and our president can't even show the most powerful woman of the world a minimum of respect?
This is crazy!

Author — Mase11888


Trump could not shake hands with Merkel. Vlad told him not to.

Author — Jim Fortune


he didn't shake hands because his are smaller than hers

Author — An Marllo


That refusal to shake hands made me feel so embarrassed and I'm not even American.

Author — pihla01


Say, where did all those gloating republicans, who used to fill the comments section go?

Author — Albert Salwil


The GOP went from intelligent presidents like Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Eisenhower... this.

Author — toddsmitts


America is a global joke now. Thank you Trump voters!

Author — Michael Williams


If Trump loves to read, I love eating salad. And I'm a fat man, folks. I don't eat salad.

Author — Teddy Ray


He was afraid of offending Putin by shaking Angela's hand.

Author — marte thompson


to all the women who voted for Trump. LOL hows it feel seeing how he cant show common decency to a woman with power.

Its amazing Trumps stupidity is dumbing down all the politicians around him lol

Author — Rob


Reading a tweet at a hearing?! Ok now that's rock bottom.

Author — John D Gates


LMAO their faces when the Congressmen asked them about the tweet.

Author — Libby


So when the president of the USA bullshits his way out a question It's ok, but when I do It at school the teacher gives me an F??!

Author — Sumtin Wong


He's stopped calling it the winter white house because if he gets his way with the EPA there won't be a winter.

Author — Harrison Shone


Honestly I can't find trump funny anymore after the budget proposal

Author — Christopher


Trump is reading lots.
Or so he says that he is.
We bigly don't buy.

Author — Andrew Tessman


Judging by Trump's (tanking) approval ratings, I presume there are repentant Trump voters. I'd just love to see an interview with someone who realizes Trump isn't what they hoped he'd be, when they cast their votes.

Author — Erika MacLean


"Everybody wants to go to the southern White House. So are you gonna be at that meeting?"
*shakes head*
"But you heard about it, right?"
"It's gonna be great."

The Trump acts like a 5th graders who hands out birthday invitations openly so that everyone knows who is and isn't invited.

Author — Arandomfigure


sooo, who has bets on when he will be impeached? no way this clown makes it all 4 years.

Author — Jon yA


Amazing how people clap at the announcement they're paying $3M per-weekend so the president can play golf.

Author — David Foster