15 BEE & HONEY TIERED TRAY DIYS | Summer Home Decor Ideas | Bee & Honey CRAFT KITS ARE HERE!

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(Full tutorial on the assembly of all the craft kits will be up shortly on my Facebook page)

Today I am sharing with you 15 Bee/Honey DIYS that you can use to decorate your tiered tray with! These are perfect for any kind of tiered tray or shelf. I absolutely LOVE decorating tiered trays. If you’ve been a follower for long, you’ll know I love finding all sorts of different ways to decorate my tiered tray.
Today is the first week of my 4-week summer tiered tray themes! Today’s theme I am SO excited about because I found the CUTEST Bee/Honey items to decorate my tray with! These DIYS were all SO easy and so much fun to make! Plus, they are all super affordable! The majority of the items I used were from Dollar Tree, and then inexpensive items from Hobby Lobby and Amazon.

Let me know in the comments which DIY was your favorite!

Laser-cut wood projects made for you!

Honey Dippers:

Mini Wooden Bees:

Sola Wood Flowers:

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Liz, this has got to be the cutest tiered tray EVER. All of your projects turned out so stinkin cute, especially the little pallet. TFS and have a great week!

Author — @beverlyyarborough5077


That is so cute! I ordered my first tiered tray and can't wait for it to be delivered!! So many awesome ideas. You are pretty talented Liz!

Author — @Mochalover84


Loving the Bee 🐝 theme this year myself!💛🌻🐝

Author — @mistyb8434


Hi Liz, these were the cutest, darling, unique tiered tray decor I have seen!! I am looking forward to the next 3 weeks too! But again, just so incredible. You are a really great crafter. Your ideas and color schemes are always so good! I think my favorite were the honey dippers. Just so darling. Thank you so much and see you soon!

Author — @sharonrudy470


The first project with the honey looked so so real, and I love your gnomes so adorable. These all turned out so nice.
Thank you

Author — @nancyferreira1745


Wow Liz! These are so fun and beautiful! I need to give you props for being able to work with all those small pieces, I have a hard time working with tiny pieces bc my nails are usually too long, lol! I'm not personally doing the bee theme this year, but these are probably the best bee diys I've ever seen! Great job my friend!

Author — @danahall168


Soooo cute! I'm not much of a bee person but these diys are pretty adorable. That gnome did it for me so I will definitely be checking out your craft kits. Thanks for sharing your talent. 🍯

Author — @karenpapesh1521


I love the bee’s🐝🐝!! The hot glue for honey..genius!!! So cute!💕

Author — @tracewalker8772


Hi Liz -- Great job. I'm just getting into the Honey Bee Theme and can use all the inspiration I can get. All your ideas were great, and very good instruction. I liked all the use of honeycombs, and the garland was lovely. Thanks for sharing and continued success. Love PegEgg

Author — @pegeggeggleston4315


Your tiered tray ideas are always FANTASTIC! Beautiful I look forward to seeing the next one ! Thanks for sharing!🐝🐝🐝🐝

Author — @pattimarcoe466


These are beyond I absolutely love them all! 💕 I'm so excited for a new theme each week! Thank you for all the great ideas & I'm sure if there is a lemon 🍋 theme coming soon I will be getting that craft kit for sure!!

Author — @amylammers9574


I loved them all!!! Hoping to see a watermelon theme coming up. Also, lemons. And flamingos. And 4th of July. And...😂 Your projects are always just so stinking cute!🥰

Author — @stephaniejordan4970


Oh Liz these are all sooo cute!! I love all your ideas! I want some wood bees and the rolling pins, absolutely adorable

Author — @dawnpeer1108


Liz, all of these diys are so darn cute. I love bee decor. You are so creative and talented. I just ordered some Sola Flowers. Can't wait to get them to add to some of my creations :)

Author — @spidermonkey1962


I did a bee theme for my tier tray, but you gave me some more ideas, I’m very happy 😊

Author — @mariehauser905


This tier tray is the cutest!! Love it so much Great job Liz 😊🤩

Author — @amberxodiys4594


The gnome bee is about the cutest thing I've ever seen! I'm checking out your diy sets. So many good bee 🐝 cuties!

Author — @bonniefreeman8580


I loved every bit of this ! The honey dripping on the honey stirrer was the best ! Never seen that before ! Thank you for sharing !

Author — @deborahpotter703


I absolutely loved your ideas! So adorable. I wasn’t on the bee kick until I saw your video. Now I totally want to do this!

Author — @alittletimeoutforme-funhomeDIY


I want one of each!!! 😆 I seriously love every one of these. So adorable!! I really like how you did the little honey dippers :) Your craft kits are so cute! That gnome!!! 💕
Thanks for sharing these awesome diys!!❤

Author — @wendydomsher1973