This got personal... Our Bloodwork & Hair Mineral Test Results with Morley Robbins!

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Hey! In today's video, we review our bloodwork and hair mineral analysis test results with Morley Robbins. We spend the entire first half of the video in a "therapy session" with Morley as he gets to understand our stress levels and our stories a little more... things get a little personal! Morley then shows how to understand mineral test results, what the results mean, how you can get your own, and how we can all begin to improve upon these markers (become less "imbalanced", less iron overloaded, less magnesium deficient...)

This is part of a series of videos where Morley explains the "root cause" of disease. Morley's come to believe that "oxidative stress" (inflammation) is the root cause of all disease, and the root cause of oxidative stress is "cellular dysfunction" which is caused by an imbalance of 1) Magnesium 2) Copper and 3) Iron.

IN PART 1, Morley reviews the basics of "iron overload" as he begins to paint the picture of how these minerals have a very delicate relationship, and how we can start taking back control of our own health. Morley also provides explanation for why he believes anemia is not actually caused by "iron deficiency".

PART 2 is answering your questions from part 1, and discussing the relationship between histamine intolerance and iron, vitamin A, cast iron pans, etc.

PART 3 is ALL about magnesium! Learn why you should supplement magnesium, the best magnesium supplements, magnesium deficiency, the role of magnesium in relationship to stress and our overall health, etc.


0:00 -- Intro
9:50 — deep dive into Ashley’s past & stress sources starting from birth
19:50 — our sister relationship when we were young
26:50 — deep dive into Sarah’s past & stress sources starting from birth
41:00 — briefly touch on connective tissue & auto immune
45:00 — mineral downloads from parents
49:45 — Ash summaries take home points for pregnancy/women who want to become pregnant
51:30 — there Ashley goes talking about soil again and how important mycorrhizal fungi are
55:10 — Morley reviews our mineral tests
56:25 — what hair tissue mineral analysis test Morley uses
1:03:35 — why Morley uses both a hair test and a blood mineral test
1:04:50 — summary of what the ideal hair test results are
1:07:00 — Morley reviews the mineral ratios in our hair tests
1:09:00 — a blood marker that indicates blood sugar issues
1:14:00 — what ratios from the blood mineral analysis tests predict adrenal & thyroid functionality
1:17:20 — Morley reviews our blood mineral tests
1:17:50 — blood markers to assess iron status
1:18:50 — test results indicate which sista is more chill
1:20:30 — if zinc tests are low should you supplement with zinc? What’s the real reason for low zinc
1:23:00 — blood marker indicating why Sarah may be menstruating and Ashley is not
1:25:20 — proteins that help manage iron status
1:30:05 — why ferritin is a very important blood marker. And why Ashley’s result (2X higher than Sarah) indicates why she’s not menstruating.
1:33:20 — why you actually don’t have low Vitamin D
1:35:18 — are we all SOL? Or can we fix these imbalances?
1:39:20 — the goal of Morley’s Root Cause Protocol
1:44:45 — how you can get mineral bloodwork done!


Schedule blood and hair test analysis with Morley.
PHONE: (847) 922-8061


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I’m more addicted to these videos with Morley than I was to Breaking Bad 😂

Author — D Woodz


Loved this series with Morley. Please have him back once in a while. He's a sweetheart and so so smart.

Author — Karen Lanteigne


*You guys should have a PODCAST so we can tune in offline!:)* 🥰👌💗

Author — theFitty


if we hold on to unresolved early childhood trauma, our somatic nervous system becomes unregulated. then we become ill.

Author — Linda Bell


Im not one to really comment about looks but I just wanna say you two are looking so beautiful, glowing, and healthy. Just watched one of your videos from a year ago and my goodness you guys looked great then but even better now IMO. Hope you're feeling it too. Thanks for all the awesome content and laughs from your quirky awesomeness! Stay strong, sistas

Author — Carissa


I disagree with it being downhill. That’s a mindset. I think it only gets better.

Author — CVo83


OMG! Such openness and insight from all three of you. I wasn't going to watch the entire clip at first but just couldn't pull away. Getting at the root cause of illness by delving deeper within is no easy task. Ashley and Sarah are living up to their YouTube moniker, displaying strength and emotional courage for this one. Bravo!

I'm convinced underlying stressors weigh heavily on autoimmunity, but mineral imbalances never crossed my mind until now. Thanks for sharing this comprehensive series. It provided some much-needed answers.

Author — Tania Fuentez


The fact that he brought up the past lifetime thing makes me respect him even more. Even though I’m not Buddhist or Hindu, I believe that life is very complicated and we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Author — Essma B


You are not broken. You are out of balance!! 😘 👍



3 beautiful souls working in divine harmony.. wonderful to watch and learn. Thank you

Author — The Body Harmony Project


These are great. I love Sara's perspective and thought process.

Author — Art Blackwood


Now you need to change your sign-off since trying to behave like an Angel causes stress. Nice Interview!

Author — J C


These videos with Morley are great! Thanks Ashley and Sarah for sharing and getting personal. 💗

Author — Chelsea Bergman


This was phenomenal!! I'm currently waiting on my htma results with an rcp consultant, can't wait

Author — IGotsSoMuchRhythm


Very interesting to see the results. Eating healthy and getting our minerals in balance are important, but it looks like learning better ways to deal with stresses is the most important. Thank you for being open to sharing your results.

Author — Curt Barense


You 3 are amazing, Ashley and Sarah thank you so much for being so open, I have learned so much through your willingness to openly explore health and question the narratives we are fed. Super intelligent and open minded speakers too. Inspirational! x

Author — siobhan rooney


This series was SO informative! Thank you so much!

Author — D Lloyd


Love Morley! So informative, thanks for sharing!

Author — Linda Mesnard


Excellent video! Thank you for producing this.

Author — North Scottsdale Chiropractic Wellness Center


You ladies rock! Stay strong ! Keep being healthy

Author — Kerri Archuleta