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I do all ten you are right about all ten I’m a short guy and women chase me all the time great video

Author — C. Hill


1. Man with a goal/purpose-driven man
2. Shows that you are a leader / subtle leadership / how you portray yourself
3. Pacing / Take things slow, relaxed, confident / Exude your high-value aura / Have your standards
4. Be opinionated in a good way / shows that you have different beliefs and not ashamed about it
5. Be decisive
6. Look good / be well put together / don't overdo
7. Be emotionally stable
8. Know when to be vulnerable / connect emotionally
9. Have a sense of humor
10. Watch the video till the end and find out for yourself.

Author — M M


1. Being purpose-driven
2. Leadership
3. Pacing yourself (taking it slow) high-value men don't just date any woman
4. Opinionated (in a good way)
5. Decisive
6. Take pride in your looks, invest in style, grooming (fingernails), etc.
7. Emotionally stable. Women want to feel safe, not only physically but emotionally.
8. Vulnerability
9. Sense of humor. Don't take yourself too seriously when around her,
10. Be spontaneous and adventurous.

Author — josh


I’m trying to remaster a lot of these after losing my relationship with my ex for 4+ years. 8+ months on and its still a learning process. Thank you for this video Apollonia!

Author — Mikey_


Hola Apollonia, thank you for all these recommendations. I am 40 and divorced for the last three years, getting back in the dating world was complex for me. But after looking over your videos and some of your writings, I changed my approach when dating. I recently worked with "the escalation cheat sheet" on a date I had, and the response I had on a date was amazing...
I am now dating a lovely lady and the response I get from her is strong.
Thank you for all your good advice.

Author — Ben Marcus


Thank you so much!
I've been watching and practicing the instruction in your videos trying to better my relationship. I've actually bettered my self!

Author — lilrip parham


Going along to get along has always been my problem. I’m a laid back alpha and I’m loath to give an opposing opinion in a relationship because I fear it will lead to negative conversations and I would loose her. The fight was never worth it so I stayed silent. It’s certainly caused me problems. Great vid, thanks!!

Author — Jason Cox


I am currently perfecting my conversational skills. I am still implementing what you said about listening to the last three words, and making a new subject off of that, also know as conversational threading, which puts you in the mindset of actually going out there and really practice the skill. I am actually very excited to try it. Maybe it might just be me.

Author — Mforbih Mfornyam


This is a great video and right on point with REAL world dating. No matter where you stand on feminism or women's rights. You will still be required to do ALL the work to prove you are worthy. All these points will NOT guarantee you success with women. But will give you a greater chance at success. Now it will be solely your choice if you decided to use your resources for this purpose. "Every woman wants a good man, until she finds one that requires her to be a better woman." "Men display, Women choose"



Totally understand women's fear of being assaulted, but also be aware that men are FOUR TIMES more likely to be assaulted or murdered. Love your stuff!

Author — Demon Fox 095


Awesome advice. It’s good to hear things from the women’s perspective. I have a few things to work on. Thanks for creating this channel 🙏🏽

Author — Julius Reid


Nice one Apollonia! To whoever is reading this, keep working towards becoming the best version of yourself! 🚀 👊

Author — SEVA Goals


vulnerability is essential to deep flourishing yourself do what makes you feel good, dont be a creep, be an artist ...theres pretty much an art to anything and everything!be passionate.. be you through and through and just straight up dont give a shit what others think of you ...balance is key, for instance there is a healthy form of passion...and there is an unhealthy, negative, dark, violent, toxic form /expression of passion...sad thing is trial and error tend to be the best form of change/growth...dont make the woman your sun are the sun ...dont make her your world, because true abundance is in you!you really have to dive into your passion and purpose before you step into any relationship of any kind is the God honest truth !!

Author — robert loera


Remember at all times, guys, she is the trophy, but you are the prize. Act accordingly!

Author — Joe Mancini


Having absolutely none of these traits, I can say with utter confidence what I always knew (or at the very least, take an educated guess at): I never stood a chance. It's over. I'm doomed to be alone. I can now officially give up and more seriously consider ending it all.

I hate the society I'm forced to participate in since birth. I have come to despise humanity and have come to believe (a belief reinforced by this video) that our only salvation is through voluntary extinction.

Author — Ron Tubman


Thank you so much for the content Apollonia! I am so grateful for having come across your channel. ✨

Author — Theglutespecialist


Ending a seven year relationship because I JUST realized we have different goals in mind. We always thought there would be compromise, but I now know she was asking me to sacrifice my goals and dreams. Now I know to look for an actual partner.

Author — Prof. VonSpooky


It's SO important to look past only seeing beauty and screen for the values you want in someone! If you've never walked away from a woman you find attractive, then you are never building true confidence.

You're basically saying that as long as she's beautiful, that's all you're worth. It's why many men put women on a pedestal and still feel terrified around them for years.

Of course being physically attracted to someone is important. But from there, you need to stay true to yourself.

If you can give up an opportunity with an attractive women who isn't a right fit, you'll reinforce to yourself that you are high value. That you have choice with women, too and you're not waiting to be picked.

Fantastic tips Apollonia.

Author — Reconnected


Emotional stability is the one that I'm not sure of ... I think I have it all but I've been in relationships that I think now the women are low value, and I become unsure about long term relationship when I see concern actions ... This is where Im at

Author — cedrick james


Being that leading for your sweetheart is just an amazing point Apollonia. Thank you 😊

Author — Global Real Estate Coaching By Paul R Atkinson