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VFX Tenerife 4.5

VFX réalisés pour le documentaire "Tenerife, le Crash du Siècle" diffusé sur FRANCE 2. Les vues extérieures des avions sont réalisées intégralement en 3D.

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0:37 imagine looking out your window and seeing that, holy crap

Author — F4lling Feathers


Am I the only one who thinks this version of the crash feels much more scarier than the Air Disasters one?

Author — ACC1


If KLM didn’t refuel, they could have made it over pan am. Rip

Author — Dark The Kid


I think that even if the PanAm somehow managed to get out of the way in time, the KLM still would have been doomed. With the attempted premature takeoff which included a tailstrike to the ground, that thing would have stalled for sure.

Author — Ibn Khairuddeen (ابن خير الدين الألباني)


Just 30 yards could have made a difference

Author — Ultimate Railfan


It’s a real incident happened in Tenerife

Author — Dhaniklal Valliyil


Airplane: what is that?

Airplane 2: full throttle

Airplane: lets not put on the flaps

Airplane 2: WHY?

Airplane: my butt is burning



a normal runway and atc at infinite flight multiplayer.

0:27 also a reaction of serious twitch streamers playing IF.

Author — Micheal Torreta


0:40 elevator didn't even move an inch, how did the nose go up?

Author — Sripriya G


Mom, can we have the disaster of tenerife without simulation?
We still have tenerife at home
Tenerife at home:

Author — Mara Bueno


Underrated video and
It is now getting attention 👍

Author — Ikhlaas MJ


0:39 The KLM Captain didn't retract the Flaps?

Author — Enhanced Aviation


0:38 Hes saying: KOM OP KOM Thats means: COMEON
0:43 Hes saying: VLIEG!!! Thats means: FLY!!!!

-(Iam Dutch so I know all what they are saying)

Author — Doggy YT


bruh all these comments saying klm not using flaps. its a damn animation. watch the documentary investigating this crash and youll know exactly what happened

Author — Leafeon


0:38 Can a man be a dog???


Author — XxKaiserGamesxX


This was from the reenactment from the 2006 Nova version, "The Deadliest Plane Crash, " which was once uploaded here on YouTube in three or four parts. I recall it was titled, "Crash Of The Century" here on YouTube, but I am not sure. I remember it very well, because I saw it several times, and unfortunately it is not here anymore. I even bought the DVD, but sadly that version was abridged and they cut a few segments which I remember well. If you do buy the DVD, you will find that they omitted the following segments.
1. Captain Van Zanten was vilified. There was a segment when the KLM crew asked Van Zanten what would happen if they stayed too long on the island. I remember he said, "Then you will be hung out to dry, " meaning they will all be fired; in the DVD version, the narrator merely paraphrased the conversation between Van Zanten and his cockpit crew. It also showed the scene of Captain Van Zanten, bored, deciding on a whim to take on the extra fuel. In the scene when co-pilot Bragg and the flight engineer went out to survey the wing span to see if they could taxi around the KLM, the scene shifted to the actual photograph of both planes sitting next to each other that fateful day. There was also the scene when Captain Grubbs asked Van Zanten if he could go around the KLM and Captain Van Zanten curtly denied them and simply said, "KLM out, " and the scene showed Captain Grubbs and co-pilot Robert Bragg disgruntled.
2. Robina Van Lanschot happened to live on Tenerife and wanted to remain, but when she asked the KLM crew if she could remain, she was denied and was compelled to re-board the plane. While waiting in queue, she whispered to her friends to pick up her luggage at Las Palmas and then she slipped away, and the narrator said while the camera focused on her face, "Robina turned out to be the lone survivor of the KLM flight."
3. When the two children were missing on the KLM re-boarding, the cute blonde stewardess got to the phone and said, "Captain, we are missing two children, " and Van Zanten got very angry and threatened the stewardess to find them or else she will be in very bad trouble, and the stewardess suddenly looked frightened.
4. Roberto Alvarez, the runway coordinator, recounts the moment when he found the two kids. The search scene was a little longer. When the kids were found, the camera switched to Roberto Alvarez, and said while the scene shifted to the kids and their parents entering the plane and young Alvarez waving and smiling at them, he said something like, "When I said goodbye to them, I sent them to their deaths...." That was a very emotional scene.
5. The scenes often had multiple windows, one window showing what went on in the KLM cockpit, one showing what went on in the Pan Am cockpit, and one showing what happened in the control tower. It also gave more detail to the crucial moments before the accident. It was quite fascinating when you saw all three windows on the screen so you could better understand what was going on.
6. Pan Am stewardess Joan Jackson talked about a Black stewardess colleague who initially left the fuselage with her, but she went back in to get more passengers out, and said that she was killed soon after because the flying parts of the disintegrating engine struck her, and the scene showed her face in the background and faded out.
I am absolutely positive they omitted these scenes, if not more, because I saw the uploaded version here on YouTube several times and when it disappeared I tried so hard to find it, but after some research I found the DVD online which anyone could buy. Look up "Nova The Deadliest Crash 2006" and you will find it. However, that version has most of the original broadcast. Better than nothing, and at least you can get the Robina Van Lanschot interview, which was also shortened. I am hoping that someone somewhere may have downloaded the original broadcast. I reckon the DVD version trimmed off about 15 minutes from the broadcast version. If anyone has it or can find the complete version, please let us know where we can get it. It was the best documentary of the disaster.

Author — RK831


The KLM got a tail strike. That’s why they didn’t take off in time..

Author — AnabilRahman Gaming


Moment of silence for all the people on board the planes.

Author — Raffplayz FIFA 20 football gaming


March 27, 1977, KLM 4805 and Pan Am 1736 had to divert to Los Rodeos Airport. Because a bomb exploded in Gran Canaria’s terminal. Los Rodeos is a very small airport operating only a few flights a day. In total 10 flights were diverted to Los Rodeos.
The two Boeing 747s landed at Los Rodeos airport. A few hours later Gran Canaria informs Los Rodeos that they have reopened. Right after Pan Am requests to taxi to the runway, but it can’t. KLM 4805 is being fully refueled, which takes 35 minutes. After being fully refueled the KLM starts backtracking. Backtracking is when the plane uses the runway as a taxiway and, at the end of the runway to turn 180 Degrees to get into position. The Pan Am is supposed to turn at the third exit. Then the visibility soon decreased to 300 meters.
Soon later the Pan Am starts taxiing on the runway too. Due to the 300 meter visibility, the Pan Am did not see the 3rd exit and went past it.
Meanwhile, KLM 4805 has finished backtracking. The KLM requests permission for takeoff. The ATC replies “ KLM 4805 standby for takeoff.” The “standby for” was
unheard by KLM 4805 then only hearing, “ KLM 4805, takeoff.”
Then the KLM starts to takeoff, Right after the flight engineer of KLM 4805 started to get concerned. “Is he not cleared then? The Pan Am?” KLM 4805’s Captain responded “Oh Yes” (empathically) When the captain called V1 ( which means if there is an engine failure you can no longer abort the takeoff.) He saw Pan Am and tried to pull up but he was too slow. When Pan Am 1736 saw KLM 4805 he turned left with full thurst but it was too late. All in the KLM died and 61 survived in the Pan Am, 583 people died in total.
The ATC only heard the explosion, they didn't see the planes. They both crashed at the Los Rodeos runway. Killing 583.

Author — Joaofunandgames


Que ironia mas O maior acidente aéreo do mundo aconteceu em terra!

Author — Gabriela Nunes