How to Use Kik Messenger

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How to Use Kik Messenger 4.5

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to use Kik messenger. We’ll show you how to do use all of the app’s essential features, including:
1. Logging in – signing in to your personal Kik messenger account
2. Adding friends – to make the most of this messaging app, you’ll need some friends to chat with.
3. Automated bots – if none of your friends are online, you can have some fun with one of Kik’s bots.
4. Sending a message – how to communicate with your contacts on Kik
5. Fun extras – Kik’s built-in library of memes, funny videos, and more.

Do you learn better by reading? A text version is available at:

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I feel so old for having to watch this just to understand modern phones better i sware it all went down hill as soon as they added screens to the damn things

Author — Melnew Demon


Hey does this has voice message feature?

Author — Shreekar Shetti


please how can you searches someone on this site!!?for e.g I want to see Misses Charles Pioffet, how can I find him!!!?

Author — Mamadou Saliou Balde


I forgot password and lost friend and their username

Author — Laurie Armstrong