[VS] Nerf Elite vs. Nerf Mega | Which is Better?!

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Elite vs. Mega, which is better? LET'S COMPARE THEM AND FIND OUT!
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Based on my experience with stock Nerf blasters, the Mega line does generally seem to have better range than the Elite line.

Author — @station7thedoor


When he said unique ammo type that nobody uses, I felt like hugging my vortex blasters.

Author — @mason8971


I've noticed that Mega Darts are slightly more accurate.

Author — @adactuslvox2150


I heard the disruptoer and previous strong arm are more delicate inside, are not good options for modding but for average player theyre good.
I like this Mega its cooler if I had to choose.
Youre vids are top Coop, thank you so much for putting time into them

Author — @LoveLife-xy9ir


Other considerations:

Mega's more expensive per round, by a factor of 2.5
It's easier to recover more of your Mega ammo.

Author — @IronMongoose1


I feel like one main comparison left out was the magazine system. Elites have dozens of blasters that utilize a universal magazine, whereas the Mega line only has one terrible blaster that utilizes the Mega magazine.

Author — @MailboxHead2021


Personally I prefer a mega as a sidearm/backup primary, since it doesn't use elites like most primaries that I don't get into a situation where I end up emptying my primary dart supply and getting F'd in the A because my secondary eats the same darts which I haven't been able to procure. That and Mega just sounds better.

Author — @DeathbyDusk


You forgot that, in my experience, elite darts break more easily than mega darts.

Author — @carrie6369


Two more pro's for the Mega: 1) Mega's have more punch behind them, especially at near to medium range, allowing people to feel when they get hit--even through loose clothing). (If you have a "that didn't hit me" guy playing, then you have other problems). 2) Many younger kids don't like getting hit with Mega darts, and it keeps them hiding.

Author — @onrean


I tested the mega vs elite darts. The mega actually has a lot more range out of Nerf blasters. They break faster and cost more though. Aftermarket alternatives are also pretty much trash for the mega darts.

Author — @walker123qwe5


“It’s not like you’re comparing a nerf gun to an off brand nonsense gun”

2020: *oh how the tables have turned*

Author — @kyzer6749


I am going to be making a pump action, integrated mag-fed crossbow that'll take elite or koosh darts, and wonder:

Have you noticed any difference in groupings with the band powered blasters you've tested vs flywheel or springers? Thanks.

Author — @jackbowers9029


Mega darts; Are bigger, and stand out more, so they are much easier to find after shooting them. Whistle and are bigger, having more intimidation points. Looks like shotgun shells, for style points. Feels a bit more painful to get shot by (a little). And, as you've admitted yourself Frank, more accurate because of the two holes at the top. So yeah, I think I'll be less compact and storable for all of this.

Author — @ohafifaruk8752


You forgot that Mega darts are easier to find because they're red and large and WAY easier to find

Author — @JamakinMC_waffles_are_swag


These are great because you know exactly which one he'll pick, but it's awesome to see him dissect the two and explain where his opinion came from.

Author — @biobiobiobiobiobiobiobio


When we play Nerf wars everyone has 3 hitpoints and Mega darts deal 2 damage instead of 1. The ability to 2-shot kill instead of 3-shot kill makes them much more practical, although of course if the Mega darts don't actually have more stopping power in your Nerf games, you'd probably want to go for the smaller darts so your bullets aren't so bulky.

Also, you forgot to mention that Mega darts are slightly more accurate than Elite darts in your comparison. And I think from my tests they tend to have a slightly longer range, but not by much. They still have nothing on Rivals in terms of range and accuracy.

Author — @DroidFreak36


+Coop722 A higher caliber bullet does not necessarily mean more stopping power or damage inflicted, but it usually does due to the way companies manufacture high-caliber bullets, i.e. by adding more gunpowder.

Author — @silonolm8946


Well, i think the mega dart incompatibility is more a con than a pro. I mean, yes, you don't have to share your ammo, but if you're out of ammo, you're pretty much fudged. Unless your team pushes the enemy far enough back so you can pick up your darts again.

Author — @TuxLetsPlay


Actually, I find the mega darts tend to have better range, as they have a higher kinetic energy when fired 'cause they weigh more, and therefore they go farther with the same initial velocity.

Author — @nickvencill7752


i like the mega because i nerf outside and mega darts are easier to find than elite

Author — @thatguy9470