Body Language: State Of The Union SOTU 2019

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Body Language: State Of The Union SOTU 2019 4.5

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I see a lot of overpaid useless people

Author — aRcTiCADOptEd


Heres the story of the black envelope.
Most Americans didn’t see what Trump did at SOTU and you were looking right at it!

Trump sent a copy of his speech to the Democrats, who immediately wrote scripts to trash his speech before the address and right after the address based on The Copy he sent them. Then he gave a completely different speech. All their rebuttals were 100% off base!

That’s why Nancy Pelosi was looking at all that paper during Trump’s speech, because she realized she got sandbagged by the master. Trump didn’t put into his copy given to Democrats anything about Buzz Aldrin, the cancer child, the ICE agent, the military men, the ones everybody applauded. Because he knew that they were geared NEVER to stand and applaud no matter what he said. But to not clap for those heroes showed them as evil.

Then he pointed out the ladies took 58% of the seats in DC and all those libtards in white stood up, remember what Trump said? “Hey, 'You weren't supposed to do that!', remember?”

Now social media is killing the Democrats for only standing up for themselves and not ANYTHING else to help America.


Author — Stanton High


Did you notice the elderly men in the guest section rose from their seats as Melania joined them? Old school gentlemen. And they are far enough up in the years that such an exercise is not so easy for old bones.

Author — Valkyrie Sardo


POTUS gave Nancy and Chuckie a different speech.  That is why she was examining it so closely.  Hilarious.

Author — Hyacinth Bucket


I wish you would have shown Bernie Sanders when Trump declared the U.S. would NEVER be a socialist nation. I bet his head was ready to explode.

Author — Kris Nordberg


Nancy is literally signaling the Dems when too clap too stand she's like the leader of an evil cult which she is

Author — Kevin Quinn


He loves his first lady and is proud of her.

Author — Klik Date


Watching Kavanaugh walk into the chamber makes me so happy I voted for Trump.

Author — IamNeverWrong


I am Mormon and I can not stand Mitt Romney! Most of these people on both sides are pure evil! We have an evil government! I trust a Billionaire that become a politician much more than a politician who became a Billionaire!$$

Author — Autigers2010


"Tonight I ask you to choose greatness." What a great statement!

Author — Cephas Martin


Poor Nancy her worst nightmare just came true!
Trump 2020.

Author — clubteague


So Funny, My 82 year old mother has been poisoned by ABC and the two years of Trump Bashing.
She was so happy to see State Of The Union and I have my Political Credibility with her Restored after the State of the Union address. . She said I've been right about him the whole time. I have Mom on YouTube now and she loves this channel along with better Republican info
Google I'm sure will steal this comment for data to eliminate Conservatives on youtube

Author — Lars Poen


"I hope that's water in her glass, not vodka" LOL

Author — MinnesotaEric


this speech and the display of hate by democrats has just won 2020 for president trump wwg1wga

Author — gully wumper


The POTUS appeared very at ease and comfortable in his skin.

Author — Catherine White


I see the greatest president America will ever have.
I love your videos.
Thank you.

Author — I'm an Infidel 1488


I"m not American but in the moment when Buzz Aldrin planted that flag on the moon everyone on earth was an American whether they liked it or not. I'll stand for that guy.

Author — strangetranceoffaith


Every time I looked at Pelosi during the #SOTU I couldn’t help but think how completely weak she looked!! And how unsure of herself she is! Also Ocasio-Cortez was way overdoing it with her “angry” look!

Author — Jra33 16


Pelosi cannot look at Vice Pres. Pence straight in the eye, simply stated: What fellowship does darkness(Pelosi) have with the light(Pence)?

Author — Andrew Quintero


Trump entered like a boss. Love our president.

Author — Brenda Yah