Body Language: State Of The Union SOTU 2019

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Body Language: State Of The Union SOTU 2019 4.5

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Heres the story of the black envelope.
Most Americans didn’t see what Trump did at SOTU and you were looking right at it!

Trump sent a copy of his speech to the Democrats, who immediately wrote scripts to trash his speech before the address and right after the address based on The Copy he sent them. Then he gave a completely different speech. All their rebuttals were 100% off base!

That’s why Nancy Pelosi was looking at all that paper during Trump’s speech, because she realized she got sandbagged by the master. Trump didn’t put into his copy given to Democrats anything about Buzz Aldrin, the cancer child, the ICE agent, the military men, the ones everybody applauded. Because he knew that they were geared NEVER to stand and applaud no matter what he said. But to not clap for those heroes showed them as evil.

Then he pointed out the ladies took 58% of the seats in DC and all those libtards in white stood up, remember what Trump said? “Hey, 'You weren't supposed to do that!', remember?”

Now social media is killing the Democrats for only standing up for themselves and not ANYTHING else to help America.


Автор — Stanton High


Did you notice the elderly men in the guest section rose from their seats as Melania joined them? Old school gentlemen. And they are far enough up in the years that such an exercise is not so easy for old bones.

Автор — Valkyrie Sardo


Nancy almost chocked when she had to applaud for the First Lady. What a cu#t

Автор — Hot Japan Rock Bands Yes


I was expecting/hoping for an envelope to fall out of Pelosi's folder.

Автор — mysingalongsong


I was genuinely convinced that Nancy Pelosi was having a stroke because of how she kept moving her mouth.

Автор — Drink Your Kool Aide


I’d like to know who’s the guy that always shouts “YEAH!” immediately after Trump makes a good point? It’s always followed by applause but it makes me giggle.

Автор — Next Level Intel


Every time I looked at Pelosi during the #SOTU I couldn’t help but think how completely weak she looked!! And how unsure of herself she is! Also Ocasio-Cortez was way overdoing it with her “angry” look!

Автор — Jra33 16


I wish you would have shown Bernie Sanders when Trump declared the U.S. would NEVER be a socialist nation. I bet his head was ready to explode.

Автор — Kris Nordberg


Watching Kavanaugh walk into the chamber makes me so happy I voted for Trump.

Автор — IamNeverWrong


I appreciate you saying what you did about Pence at the beginning. I've heard people say some horrendous things about him and that he's a snake waiting to take Trump down, but whenever I see him with Trump, he looks more like a fanboy to me than an enemy. I especially remember watching him a few months ago when the 4.1 GDP number came out and Trump had that presser to announce it. Pence was behind him and looked like he was so proud to know Trump and to be a part of this. Hard for me to think he's out to get POTUS.

Автор — Truthification Chronicles


Pelosi's behavior during the speech was deplorable - reading, looking around, etc. Very off-putting.

Автор — Dan Lewis


Trump = Best President Ever ! For the American people & our country !

Автор — Glenn Lienhop


When President Trump says to govern not as two parties but as one nation and 1/3 don't stand up. That 1/3 that didn't stand are the true enemy of the people.

Автор — Fuck YouTube


this speech and the display of hate by democrats has just won 2020 for president trump wwg1wga

Автор — gully wumper


I hope that's water in the glass not vodka. Lol

Автор — SCD Observer


"Tonight I ask you to choose greatness." What a great statement!

Автор — Cephas Martin


Nancy Pelosi was squirming like the sewer rat that she is through the entire Trump speech. It is so difficult for her, and all her cohorts on the Lunatic Left, to just sit there and not be able to misguide, deceive or lie to the public about everything Trump says. She was a hostage that night, all the Demonrats were, and it was so awesome to watch them squirm when America was getting the unfiltered truth finally.

Автор — Justa Witness


Notice how many cranky, childish Dems didn't stand when Trump said let's choose greatness.

Автор — TELLEMENT2000


POTUS gave Nancy and Chuckie a different speech.  That is why she was examining it so closely.  Hilarious.

Автор — Hyacinth Bucket


You don't need to be a body language expert to know who the snakes are.

Автор — Janie Moore