Super Small Ryzen 5700G Emulation Monster! This APU Can Do It All!

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This Tiny Ryzen 5700G PC can run It All! In this video, we take a look at the emulation performance of the all-new AMD RYZEN 7 5700G "Spoiler alert" IT IS A MONSTER! with 8 cores and 16 threads running at up to 4.6GHz and backed by built-in Radeon Graphics this has been the most powerful APU River ever tested.
We test out PSP using PPSSPP, Sega Saturn with The bottle core and Yaba Sanshiro,3DS using CITRA, Gamecube and Wii with Dolphin, Switch using YUZU, Xbox, Xbox 360, and even WiiU using CEMU.


Parts Used in This Build

01:14-Windows 10
02:52-Sega Saturn Beetle RetroArch
03:18-Saturn Yaba Sanshiro
03:43-PS1 4K Swan Station
04:09-3DS Citra
04:38-PS2 2K PCSX2
05:23-Gamecube 4K Dolphin
05:52-Wii 4K Dolphin
06:18-PS3 1080P RPCS3
07:23-WiiU 1080P CEMU
08:05-Switch YUZU
08:24-XBOX CXBX Reloaded
08:37-XBOX 360 Xenia
09:03-Final Thoughts

Equipment I Use:

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💬 Comments

Okay I want to do this as soon as PC parts go back to normal pricing again. This is an amazing machine and RNDA 2 APU is going to be insane. Thanks for making this video.

Author — G Vulture


Man, you are amazing !!

Thank you so much !!!

I now realize that even without a discrete GPU

We can still enjoy an awesome experience

Latest gen graphics are nice, but not necessary.

Some of these old games are really under appreciated I think

Many thanks once again 👍

Author — Ion Amygdalon


Seeing the cpu power usage alone (nearing 100W) I really wonder if this system will keep up on the long term having only a 150W PSU. Storage, memory, ... require some watts as well. But great video!

Author — MisterAgony


Damn dude. This has me thinking about building a little emulation PC with one of these beastly Ryzen APUs. I'll probably wait until the 6000 series though.

Author — Richard Sinclair


Man, this thing is amazing. Imagine what DDR5 will do to these APUs once they've matured, I can barely wait.

Author — Arthur Cuesta


perfect build to combat that GPU shortage fiasco

Author — icerink239


It's not just RDNA2! The AM5 platform will feature more faster DDR5 which will surely benefit Xenia (I can totally tell that Xenia loves faster VRAM)

Author — Ken Kazama


I really think I'm going to replicate this build. I love the form factor and power.

Author — Jeff Frisse


I'd love to see you play some older games with this particular APU. If its running the latest games at low/medium settings at 1080p, I'd like to see it run something like Oblivion, Skyrim, or even Fallout 3 and New Vegas at their highest settings at 1080p.

Author — exxor9108


I checked these parts listed and it totals upwards of at least +1k$ using combo of alternative parts listed.
That's great to get this level of performance and form factor with handpicked parts. Thumbs up ETA.

Author — Aviv Mizrachi


I honestly wonder if it would perform any differently if the CPU were locked to 3.7Ghz instead of boosting to the moon, would be interesting to see a 30-60w power target for that processor still as long as the GPU still ran at 2000+mhz i'd be happy though i still feel like the aging vega graphics are holding this powerhouse back, This generation I really would have liked to see a ryzen 5 5470GX with 4 cores 8 threads, and 12 Vega CUs running at 2200mhz

Author — denvera1g1


ETA, for some of the emulator cores that you skip past because they are too easy for these APUs (like BSNES), maybe you could crank up the difficulty by adding some 4K shaders? I am curious how some of these easier to emulate systems fare with all the bells and whistles turned on.

Author — 4H0w1e


This is a really powerful APU, that's definitely worth it to buy!

Author — DotDotMod


I use the same build (just an older MB) for my living room and i got a notable performance boost after switching to W11 a couple days ago. Anyons else experienced this?

Author — Stephan Huth


That is amazing how well those games run on that APU.

Author — I'd Rather Watch Paint Dry


Hi ETA and thanks for the video! You inspired me and currently i am building up the exact same system :-)! i only need to wait until someone offers the cpu at ebay. it is impossible at the moment to get that cpu somewhere. would it be possible that you make a short video guide how you overclocked the apu? that would be great! thanks and best regards

Author — pellewolf


Good to know the Chopin psu can actually handle the 5700g. Wondering when we'll get to the point of needing a 200-250w psu.

Author — Justin Patterson


looking at whats expected from the ryzen 6000 series apus and i think ill wait. still very impressive, hopefully these new chips will reinvigorate the low end pc gaming scene.

Author — Vinyl 00F


Ésto es lo que me interesaba la emulación 🤩🤩🤩🤩 sin tarjeta gráfica dedicada para que quede en un tamaño pequeño el mueble de la pc



The 5700g is so expensive since sales are all non-retail ($600 on Ebay). You can buy one in a prebuilt and remove it. Most prebuilt I have pulled 5700g's from can take the 3200g making them resaleable. Cost per 5700g comes out to about $300 this way but it takes extra effort to source a 3200g and sell the prebuilt. Makes me sad.

Author — Po Halsted