Did Iranian security forces shoot at protesters? | DW News

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Did Iranian security forces shoot at protesters? | DW News 4.5
Demonstrators in Iran have held rallies to criticize the country's officials, accusing them of trying to cover up the downing of a Ukrainian passenger jet. In Tehran, security forces used tear gas to disperse protesters, but they are denying accusations that they also used live ammunition against the demonstrators. Iran's government admitted last week that its military accidentally shot down the passenger plane, killing all 176 people on board. In response, protests took place in a number of cities around Iran over the weekend

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IranIran government regime must go, no more dictators.

Author — The Great H.Sapien sapien,


Great and intelligent people governed by oppressive and corrupt regime.
Iranians deserve better and had enough of these lies and abuses. ♥️ 🇮🇷

Author — John Mark Garcia


Of course they shot protesters. Can't have people thinking for themselves in Iran

Author — Jo Black


Women should have full rights! END the Regime!!! GET the leaders!

Author — Tthrizzle85


The people of Iran deserve to join the 21st century

Author — Nigel


Down with the MULLAHS, Murderers along with their Iran Rev Guards! Bloodthirsty Thugs!

Author — aurelio milaor cabal


They are blatant murderers, what happened to that woman in the white jacket?? There was blood on the pavement!! They killed ur children in the sky, time 4 ousting the Regime!!

Author — HOH


No.... No.... No.... Trump warned them not to kill their citizens!

Author — SilverBear


Shooting people is not solution or sending missiles to a military base

Author — Bigfoot Adventure


It's time for the Iranian people to revolt and fight to be free.

Author — Robert G


Purposely avoid killing the US Troop but shoot down a civilian plan killing own Iranians, Canadian, and others. What a joke!!!

Author — Chua Yeow Fatt


That’s insane how can the military just shoot their own civilians

Author — Adrian Ford


"Power abusive", you !!! Iranian regime Please stop killing and lie to your own peoples. for Allah sake

Author — Indo Indo


No one in the world can support or empathize with the dictators ruling Iran.

Author — Revolutionary Communist


😱 government kill their own people 😈🇮🇷

Author — Frederika Wells


Yes they did...they don't care whoever protest them will be eliminated. Whoever support them will be hailed.

Author — Stability Richness


The WORLD needs to help the Iranians - EU your silence is deafening - They are killing the protestors -

Author — joe men


Can you call a military action that Knocks out Iran's entire military in 24 hours "full scale war?" I think not.
Time to stand with the people of Iran instead of the government of Iran

Author — Nat T


Where is that guy crying for revenge...?



Yes Iran, fight for your freedom., You don't have to bow down to the Regime that is becoming outdated with their ideology .

Author — SV