Manifest Miracles, Remove All Negative Blockages, Positive Aura Cleanse Chakra Clearing

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Manifest Miracles, Remove All Negative Blockages, Positive Aura Cleanse Chakra Clearing 5

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Manifest Miracles I Attraction 432 Hz I Elevate Your Vibration 🌌

Manifest Miracles, Pain Relief Music for Sleep, Solfeggio 174 Hz Full Body Healing 😌

Positive Aura Cleanse Chakra Clearing, Manifest Miracles with Brainwave Frequency 741 Hz ✨

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If you're reading this, remember that you are loved. Your life is a story that you can rewrite from within. You can change the programs that run your life. The fact that you exist mean that you are loved. Divine love is the force behind creation. Your existence means you are loved and worthy of this gift. Unworthiness is a lie you absorbed as a child by being programmed in a world built on the ignorance of God/life and its creation. You can't exist and be unworthy. If you had no purpose, you wouldn't be here

Author — Mindset & Self-Mastery


Don’t let your troubles from yesterday take away from the life you live today

Author — Set and Flow Meditation


The person who is reading this comment, i wish you great success, health, love and happiness

Author — MrLeo - Relaxing Music Healing


Hey guys. Just sending my daily positive vibes. I hope that you all are having a wonderful day! We’re all in this together. We are all acting as one. We all go through these things of anxiety, depression and other things most of us keep to ourselves but this is a place that we can all go to and express ourselves freely. I just want to send awesome vibes into your life. I am just another person from Chicago Illinois and no one around me has any clue that I come here daily and let out all of my emotions freely with you guys. Feel free to reach out to me if you ever need to talk. I also started a new Instagram page that will only be full of inspiration and high vibrations. It’s @foreverdoyan. It’s not mandatory to follow me but I want to build a community of people and everyone that follows I actually follows back because I want to know your story too! Peace, love and prosperity.

Author — Doyan


Reading through the comments, there’s high’s middle ground and very lows, let’s pray for each other🙏🙏🙏 I’am Ivy from South Africa! 🌈😘❤️👍🏽

Author — Ivy Heywood-Jones


I am open to receiving love and abundance 🥰

Author — Scarlett Reed


Busco el amor de mi vida. Desbloqueo para siempre con esta musica, mis caminos del amor, trabajo, dinero, familia, salud, dinero, sexo, viajes, amor familiar, amor de hijos, amor de pareja, aprecio verdadero de amigos.asi sea.hoy y siempre felicidad

Author — Sonia Taborga


_I invite you to climb in this golden boat lit by this magnificent lampion, the light it diffuses is warm, enveloping, soothing.
The crescent moon is there like the benevolent gaze of a friend, smile at him
Your heart beats slowly to the rhythm of the lapping waves of this water between jade and turquoise, bottomless, hypnotic, soak one of your hands in its freshness and feel the immediate benefit that it brings you.
Let yourself be lulled, breathe deeply, close your eyes and imagine your life devoid of hassle, devoid of pain, devoid of sorrow.
Visualize where you would like to live, walk around every room of this house, touch the objects that decorate it, caress the rough fabric of a seat, theca of a pillow, the silky bed cover. Enjoy the softness of a floor mat, the warmth of a parquet floor, the freshness of a tiled floor while walking barefoot.
On a table, a tasty cup of fruit, you choose one, you bite into it and the sweet juice flows deliciously down your throat. You sigh with a sigh of satisfaction.
You are relaxed, head and light heart. The music is like an angelic song, you look up, the milky white clouds stretch and tear, the shapes deform and transform.
Lots of friendly faces, broad smiles, mischievous look, trumpet nose.
Sometimes a protective hand emerges, reassuring and soothing to say that there is nothing to fear.
That's it, you have nothing to fear, you are safe, your future belongs to you and it is up to YOU to program it, to imagine it to become a reality.
I wish you all to live fully, in peace, serenity and love on a daily basis.

Author — Lise


My name is Raymond I know that God prayer and this have healed my cancer
In deed

Author — Ray Corsicana


i’m here to end my hardships of life and to switch spiritually to a life full of new beginnings and self love. If you are reading this i believe in you as much as i do in myself, we are both strong and worthy of our goals and desires.

Author — delaney shanahan


It is magical
I was totally zero money
And someone just sent me 25000 so I can pay my rent tomorrow
I was about to come on roads with my 29 dogs

Author — sakshi sharma


God is good! Thank you. I welcome peace, love, health and wealth into my life and I bless and wish good to each one of you! In Jesus name, king of the universe..amen

Author — stefania spadea


nothing else exists but this very moment.

Author — pinkmajinblu


Desbloqueó para siempre toda negatividad carestía envidia en mi vida decreto ser feliz siempre con abundancia para siempre porque merezco ser feliz en el universo que así sea para mí y para todos los que me rodean en el nombre de cristo jesus

Author — mar vega


*Quien la sigue escuchando en el 2020❤?*

Author — Relaxing Music


This really helped my grades and my life in general I hope the other person on the other side of the screen has and amazing beautiful life and day you are all worth it weather you think you aren’t I love you ❤️

Author — JML


Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own shunshine. To whoever is reading this comment: Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.
Namaste🙏 Thanks for your support.

Author — Mellow Soul Music


Hoy 31 de Agosto es mi primer día. Lo haré por 21 días. Y les platico que pasó!!!! Bendiciones

Author — Lizbeth ESTRELLA


“There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature.”
—Henry David Thoreau

Author — Healing Vibrations


How do you do that. Every time I’m having a hard day you post exactly what I need to make it better thank you 🙏 so much. Infinite blessings to you

Author — Milagros Taveras