Fear of war in Ukraine - Power struggle for the Sea of Asov | DW Documentary

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Fear of war in Ukraine - Power struggle for the Sea of Asov | DW Documentary 4
On the eve of presidential elections in Ukraine, the power struggle on the Sea of Asov is coming to a head. The Sea of Asov borders both Ukraine and Russia.

Both states have the right to use it. Yet Russia is setting up obstacles to shipping on the sea. What if a situation similar to that in Crimea is threatening this region? Oleksandr Oliynyk, director of the port of Mariupol, is convinced that ‘Russia wants to destabilize our region and is exerting economic pressure to acquire what it failed to get in 2014.’ The economy of Mariupol has been suffering since the start of the war in Eastern Ukraine. The amount of cargo handled by the port has plummeted. Difficulties for ports in eastern Ukrainian were exacerbated after the opening of the Kerch bridge, connecting the annexed Crimean peninsula with the Russian mainland. Freight ships with a height of more than 33 meters cannot pass under the bridge, and can no longer reach eastern Ukraine.
Russian border controls and the coastguard body of the FSB, the domestic Russian secret service, make matters worse, costing money and days of waiting for the ship owners. Fewer and fewer shipping firms are willing to call at eastern Ukrainian ports. ‘Of course we’re worried about losing our jobs’ says Artjom, a docker who has been working a reduced four-day week for some time. His colleague Sergej, at the neighboring shipyard, has had his hours cut since the beginning of this year. Everyone here is feeling Russia’s increasing pressure and dominance. Many are afraid that the war could also soon reach Mariupol.
The documentary accompanies people in Mariupol and Berdjansk through their daily lives, just a stone’s throw from the front line. Their livelihoods are inextricably linked with the Sea of Asov, and they are at risk of becoming embroiled in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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in the end, it's always the civilian that suffer...

Автор — Cybernator


Working men just trying to feed their families. What a shame. They are no threat to anyone just let them fish. The little guy always gets the shit end of the stick in war and political tensions like this.

Автор — Bob Taint


These poor fishermen have to work their Asov to earn a living.

Автор — Duncan


we all need to realise the gov. is the true enemy. we're just pawns that don't benefit from war. only the rich and power gain from it. im sure if people really sat down for a beer we'd all agree with alot more

Автор — Jack Mechak


As a Ukrainian I can tell you that whilst the Russians are a problem the biggest problem is our own government and the amount of blatant corruption

Автор — Igor Lyubenok


Many people in both Russia and Ukraine desire not supremacy battle, but peaceful and happy lives…

Автор — Empress Kosakana


The poor fisherman. He is a small fish, getting crushed between two whales

Автор — czdaniel1


So it is the Ukrainians government people stopping them fishermen..?

Автор — Ion Pribeagu


Civilian ships can come and go, as are Ukrainian naval ships.  Just have to register to pass Kirch Strait area, pilot for a short distance.

Автор — Bruce MacKinnon


Was that a loop of Metallica I kept hearing? On a serious note, it bothers me that in the states we hear absolutely nothing about this situation. The last bit of coverage I can recall was the Russian invasion, but since then I don't believe it has even been touched on. It is scary to live in a first world nation that is oblivious to the outside world... Does there seem to be an end in sight?

Автор — Derek Miltimore


anyone remember that day we stole all the ukrainean gold :"D

Автор — Michael Jordan


people talk of war jesus christ, WW2 was no so long ago and people have forgoten

Автор — Rhett Preller


that fisherman being troubled by his own government and system sucks ...
ukraine's main enemy is corruption ...

Автор — nepaliman


Fools divorce is always painful! Now because of other powers look at your misery



Escalating politics because of fish. Petty.

Автор — PyroRomancer


Well at least Joe Biden's son got a high paying job at a Ukraine oil co.

Автор — william33870


Who needs defense preparations more than Russia? It's not paranoia when they really are out to get you.

Автор — Dag


Leave the common people alone! Let 'em work! Nothing gained except losing productivity and making people go hungry.

Автор — DD


And the conflict will never stop....2019 and there are still miserable countries...

Автор — me me


Im Ukrainian im living in the safe part of Ukraine. People are so poor so thay have to take loan to pay for commodities. For tap water gas and central heating thats insane.
My grandma works in Church and I often hear stories about elder people who hanged themselves because they got debts and got cut of electricity and water.

Автор — Bogdan