Michelle Wolf Talks About the White House Correspondents' Dinner

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Michelle Wolf Talks About the White House Correspondents' Dinner 4.5

Michelle Wolf talks about her White House Correspondents' Dinner performance, running a 50-mile race in Utah and preparing for her Netflix show, The Break.
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Michelle Wolf Talks About the White House Correspondents' Dinner- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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What's great about Michelle is that everything is still a joke to her, including herself. We need more people who find the humor in themselves, the media, and especially this disaster of a presidency.

Author — Dr. TJ


Sarah Sanders sure did calm down that smokey eye after getting roasted.

Author — Lazlo Hollyfeld


There is a video of her performing at the Apollo where she barely mentions Trump and rips Hillary to shreds. And yet, not a single person who was pissed at her white house correspondents jokes seemed to mind her Apollo theater jokes at all. Nobody bothered to mention that she roasted both sides and was hilarious the entire way. I guess being a hypocrite who can't take a joke is much easier

Author — Wylona


She gave the best information she had at the time.

Author — Shan Hussain


Whoop!🙌🏽 So glad Michelle didn’t bow down and apologize

Author — Mimi Brown


She says the most savage things but her delivery is just adorable, yay Michelle 😊

Author — Laverne Blaszczyk


Love how Michelle Wolf casually says "Anyone can run a marathon, even you did it", but then points out Seth Meyers didn't even finish. He'd already mentioned how mean Michelle is to him, but this exchange really sold it.

Author — Michael L. Davenport


Rarely a fan of Wolf (just not my style), but I am loving the reaction to her performance. All these people like "oh, people are too sensitive, political correctness has gone too far -- what's that? Michelle Wolf joked that the press secretary burns the truth to make amazing makeup? That's offensive! I'm offended!"

Author — classchair


Just remember it was "burn facts" not "burn fats".

Author — A2


They are chanting "lock her up" 😂

Author — gunmeet grewal


All that wit, sarcasm, she runs 50 miles just for fun and a good cause, plus all of that red hair.
This is a celebrity crush I might not ever be able to overcome.

Author — Mondo Shredder


They were chanting "lock her up!" She's too funny!

Author — VianneyCreates


So many critics because she told the truth. Truth makes people uncomfortable

Author — Silvia X


How dare Michelle say what she did...what did she say?
Sarah Sanders lies, wears makeup, and can be compared to aunt Lydia?
Wtf...why are right wingers freaking out?

Author — Morty Sanchez


She kinda looks like the nanny in The Incredibles

Author — CheerUp World


Seth just say bone spurs as an excuse and call it a day

Author — Alan Arun Mavath


"Lock her Up"! ~ Mate you were awesome. You were a flamethrower in the face of the garbage we're expected to accept. Well done.

Author — Nguroa


she blasted them pretty gently at the c.d. imo, she couldve said much worse lol

Author — vargo hoat


She's hilarious. I want to see her and Pete Davidson banter.

Author — Faux Mustache


I truly don't believe she's all that talented. Her voice drives me crazy BUT I think she gets a bad wrap for the WHCD. She did exactly what she was paid to do...TELL JOKES!!

Author — Paul Thompkins