Bill Gates on Fighting Coronavirus | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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Bill Gates on Fighting Coronavirus | The Daily Social Distancing Show 4.5

Trevor and Bill Gates discuss coronavirus testing, accelerating vaccine development and how the world will rebound. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #BillGates

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Why does a Comedian have more coherent questions than most of the News Channels combined...???

Автор — aShura


So money is the reason why this criminal's walking around like a hero. Huh?

Автор — Dan Joe


It went from “flatten the curve” to “find the cure”. From “social distancing” to “house arrest”. From “2 weeks” to “3 months”. From “we’re in it together” to “snitch on you neighbors”. From “individual liberty” to “comply or pay fine”. We lost the target. And government knows it ... Scamdemic/Plandemic ...

Автор — Mia Ash


He’s not a Dr. and why does he need a patent on a man 😡 man made viruses . They kill steal destroy. Africa is the wealthiest place in the world . But don’t get it twisted these are satanic people do your history on his mother. Trevor ask the real question . Why

Автор — Arnetta Hicklin


Yea, the past viruses weren't strong enough so you guys created something that would be more effective at killing people.

Автор — Lorraine Witherspoon


Bill Gates’ webcam makes him look like he’s filming a Masterclass documentary.

Автор — Roseycheeks


Wow. This interview only made my "conspiracy" theory stronger.

Автор — bree mathiason


I Want to see Bill Gates, his family and Dr Fauci with his family take the vaccine live on tv

Автор — Gia Manno


He interacts with government ? He FUNDS them.

Автор — Sam Stone


Me: Sees Title
*Gets a Big Bowl of Popcorn and Reads Comments*

Автор — Novidium


Having some states shut down while other states do not, is like having a peeing section in the swimming pool.

Автор — Bobby


I'm surprised they didn't disable the comments...



I just don’t trust him and people he is associated with. He was good friends with Jeffrey Epstein who was sex trafficking girls. I’m still waiting for them to drop big names of celebrities and government officials involved.

Автор — Michelle A


SHM. Trevor failed to ask the real questions. And so now I question Trevor Noah.

Автор — Shawn Taylor


When billionaire businessman became gatekeepers of health you wonder where are the health leaders?

Автор — R A


what a creep - this dude is expanding a business plan

Автор — Amir Kazemi


Since when is Bill Gates an epidemiologist? He couldnt even keep viruses out of windows!

Автор — Boog Aloo


It was said that whenever Bill Gates is about to lie he closely?

Автор — Prince Hakeem


BS ! Also you must know that bg is behind vacc Africa's when there is no vacc. for covid and is trying to pay African leaders to administer some bs vacc this needs to be address and he needs to start with vacc. himself, wife, and children FIRST! see if you can get an interview regarding this 'cause every time he is interviewed he never directly answers any of the asked question...WHY ??

Автор — Ms Bronzzilady


You know Bill is tech guy when his video call quality is better than past guests video call quality.

Автор — kusogaki k