How Powerful is Mythological Zeus?

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ever wondered how powerful the king of the Olympian gods is? well here it is.

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Even with all this, all the gods combined can’t beat typhon

Author — Amy Dimmitt


The Power of Thunder is always extremely cool in my opinion, like Thor.

Author — ℒ𝓊𝒾́𝓈


Been a while since you did a "How powerful is mythological blank" video. Was pleasantly surprised to see this while browsing YouTube. Got any other "how strong is mythological blank" videos in the works? Also, I'll take your advice and go with the Composite Zeus. Because Composite Zeus sounds like a god that could take on members from pantheons as overpowered as the Hindu and Chinese pantheons.

Author — K9theXV


I LOVE power-scaling mythology and your channel is practically the only one that does it. Keep up the great work!

Author — Nuckelaveez


If Hera created the milky way doesn't that mean zeus is galaxy level?

Author — Mr.Wattërson


I never understood why the god of thunder was the most powerful one.

Author — sparkie1j


I would like to know what Zeus looks like.
Can you refer to us where to look?
Thank you and great video!

Author — Dave's not Here man


How powerful is Nezha would be very interesting.



Probably one of your best videos
Keep going dude

Author — Zero


Additionally, accompanying the Hellenistic and Orphic interpretations of Zeus are his Pythagorean and Meso-/Neo-Platonist versions, according to which (though general notions overlap due to influence) he is either an existence on the level of Platonic forms or the Demiurge (yes, of the Timaeus), who thinks of the Forms in his mind and shoots them via lightning bolts to Hera's womb, who proceeds to actually go forth and create the cosmos using them. In Proclus' comparative theological/ontological hierarchy system the Orphic Zeus again corresponds to the Demiurge and the simple Nous, further reinforcing this bit arbitrary belief.

Author — Neatpicky


It's amazing that Wukong wins most of these in 3 or 4 chapters.

Author — Jose Loayza


Low-key feels like Roman Mythology is time skip of Greek Mythology

Author — forest grumpy


Actually based on my research, Orphic Zeus wasn’t the one who ingested Phanes but it was instead the Titans. I hv sources for this btw. However even if Zeus did consume Phanes that doesn’t mean that Zeus is more powerful than him even in the Orphic tradition due to the fact that Phanes later resurrects himself or gets resurrected in the Orphic tradition therefore he is TECHNICALLY more powerful than even Orphic Zeus, tho Orphic Zeus is still op af.

Author — Avery The Rockgod


Your accent really enrichens the experience of listening to your analysis. Thank you for putting up images directly related to what you were talking about.

Author — Anty ey


I know it is very immature and nerdy to ask but who do you think would win in a fight between myth Zeus (Jupiter version) vs myth Thor?

Author — Yusuf


Wow, Zeus is so powerful, he surely unbeatable, oh wait, his son beated him and Zeus didn't devour Phanes cause he is the creator of the universe, there is no way Zeus beating that

Author — Kinko ,


Hear me out on this, in Christianity the trinity are all basically aspects of God, and in Hinduism all gods are basically avatars of more powerful Gods which are in turn aspects of Brahman, I believe all gods have this ability, including Zeus. Zeus is Hellenic Zeus, Jupiter, and orphic Zeus, but they are not the real Zeus.

Author — Avatar of Asura


Looks like Zeus from GOW was nerfed.
A lot.
Anyway great video.

Author — Grande Capo


How strong is Indra. The original God of thunder and rain

Author — Avik সরকার


Do other Greek gods like Poseidon hades phanes

Author — name