Hydr0GEN TV IPTV Review! (2019)

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Hydr0GEN TV IPTV Review! (2019) 4.5

GSE IPTV App (iOS & Android)

Using the Xtream Codes API setting, edit the portal. Enter your username and password and Portal URL

STB Emulator, MyTvOnline, DOL2, Formuler/Dreamlink

Create Profile Named Hydro and enter portal URL
Be sure to give the MAC address at checkout.

For regular Perfect Player, iPlayTV, Prog TV, or any other m3u use the following links:

Playlist URL


*Of course, you have to replace YOURUSERNAME and YOURPASSWORD with your actual account info.**

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Great review....have you ever looked into On Time TV Plus? Thinking about trying it.

Author — CJB NYC


Is the guide east coast or west coast time? Thank you

Author — 702fr


Price is very reasonable especially with 3 to 5 connections depending on price plan u take. Streams have been perfect for me😍👌👏

Author — wendy t


on hydrogen tv how do you add a channel in your favorites? Thanks

Author — 702fr


How do I get you to review my service?

Author — Streamster


Sweet video! When you say you can stream on 4 or 5 connections. Does that mean only 4 different devices in general, or 4 devices simultaneously.

Author — joshx413


It says it has 50g of Hdd space, how does that work? will it record to the cloud or does it record on my device. Looking to record sports events. Thanks

Author — rab7765


I can't get in on my firestick please help me

Author — Prime Time


can u please highlight the telegram group so i click on it n looks good

Author — dream chasers302


what's the best iphone app to use with this

Author — Jason G


Audio keeps switching from both sides to left only.

Author — You are my rock.


Their site is not accessible, please any alternative link?

Author — JM newman


How accurate is the EPG? For regular TV and for sports? do they label each game like for baseball in NBA and soccer and football?

Author — Mulder Factor


It is down.. will they be migrating servers or is it done for good?

Author — EDG DVS


The audio keeps fading and going to left and right

Author — charles huff


I just bought the 1.99 trial.Not much variety on this iptv stream.Shop elsewhere.

Author — donnie young


They offer great things but none of them works .the streaming is terrible....they don't respond anymore...I m not doing this one anymore... wouldn't recommend it either....worst month of service ever....

Author — Zion Lunnon


Sonic TV has been around, don't sleep on it! www.soniciptv.co

Author — Sonic IPTV


This is the most gargbage IPTV i have ever used or seen.

Author — T S