Expect the U.S. to devalue its currency to deal with China trade issues: Ken Courtis

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Expect the U.S. to devalue its currency to deal with China trade issues: Ken Courtis 4.5

Ken Courtis, chairman of Starfort Holdings and former vice-chair of Goldman Sachs Asia, discusses the longer-term trade battle between the U.S. and China and how a currency devaluation may help the U.S.

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The more I listen to these financial experts the more I realize that non of them have a clue of whats going on...

Author — S O


They're devaluing it every day through repo madness, the masses just haven't woken up yet.

Author — xyzmplic


"Your education today, is your economy tomorrow"

Author — Dozen Elephant


What a great excuse to print yet more money.

Author — keff


He wanted to say Trudeau was really stupid, but he bit his tongue.

Author — Warren Mundell


So the US will manipulate their currency when it suits them; as has always been the case through various means. And yet they have the audacity to label other currency manipulator?! Hypocrite much?

Author — Robert Y W


"Where does US going to borrow their money from"? Yet, they kept hitting the country that works hard and lend US the money.

Author — Ignatius Chua


7:52 "People are being squeezed out of an overpriced stock market into risk assets." He misspoke, he meant to say "overpriced bond market" based on his prior commentary and the fact that the "risk assets" are the stock markets. And the $64x10^6 question: When does the asset value bubble burst? Does it continue until this predicted USD devaluation, or is it next week?

Author — Jim Trainor


USA printing Trillions of USD out of thin air.

Author — Kris Kris


inflation already happened. people are just beginning to feel it.

Author — Momma Knows Bestest🧧


Gold, land. Food are the only true money in my book. All they are talking about is currency!

Author — khankrum1


Lol now they passed the HK bill so they can kiss the deal good bye

Author — ABC 123


Is America now a currency manipulator?? while they shamelessly called China a currency manipulator a few years back,

Author — Teh Chuan


The kidnapped Huawei lady is being held for ransom. Folks this is America.

Author — Chris P Bacon


This guy is good Canada should of let her slip out lol

Author — hikurukutai


America's part in funding, training, supplying and cheering the Hong Kong protesters that became rioters and finally terrorists will very likely cause China to back away from these trade talks since what America is doing in Hong Kong is an act of outright war.

Author — Ronzig the Wizard


This is the most substantive interview I've seen on trade.

Author — youngkreisler


The central banks are running the economy - there can be no strong economy until we get rid of the banking cartel. Period.

Author — Bárbara Herda


How can Quantitative Easing and no inflation be used in the same sentence? am I missing something?

Author — Scott


See how the US treats the UK in trade negotiations. Corbyn just revealed some documents. US basically says "We want to sell you US drugs and GM foods or trade deal doesn't go forward". There is no negotiation. Simply bullying. Now they have come up to China, and they've bitten off more than they can chew.

Author — Remo Gaggi