Ground Report: From 'Jai Hind' to Jail, the Journey of Kashmir's Mainstream Politicians

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Ground Report: From 'Jai Hind' to Jail, the Journey of Kashmir's Mainstream Politicians 4

कश्मीर से Article 370 हटाने के तीन हफ़्ते से ज़्यादा गुज़र जाने के बाद भी राजनीतिक बंदियों की तादाद को लेकर संस्पैंस बना हुआ है। माना जा रहा है कि कश्मीर और अन्य राज्यों में, कई सौ से लेकर कई हज़ार लोग बंद हैं।
कश्मीर की सड़कों पर मोदी सरकार के इस फ़ैसले को लेकर कोई विरोध प्रदर्शन न दिख सके, इसलिये उन तमाम असरदार लोगों को बंद कर दिया गया जो लोगों को इकट्ठा कर सकते थे।
मुख्यधारा के तमाम नेताओं, पूर्व मुख्यमंत्रियों, विधायकों समेत न जाने कितने लोग कश्मीर और कश्मीर से बाहर ख़ुफ़िया जगहों पर बंद हैं।
द वायर ने डल झील के किनारे बने मशहूर सेंटौर होटल का जायज़ा लिया जहाँ सज्जाद लोन, इमरान अंसारी, उमर अब्दुल्लाह के सलाहकार तनवीर सादिक़ और शाह फ़ैसल जैसे कई दर्जन लोगों को क़ैद किया गया है।

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Ma'am, please take care of yourself, aapko tahe Dil se salaam, you are so brave



Kashmiri Pandito ke liye DEMOCRACY RIP nahi thi kya...?

Author — deep patil


Anchor now seems everything is normal in J&K and have you taken any interview with original residents of Kashmiri...Kashmiri Pandit ?

Author — vijay tripathi


Allah aap ki aur kashmiriyo ki hifajat kare .... Aameen

Author — SCIENCE


Do u kNow why the political are lockup? First research it.

Author — kamei lurillu


Go to downtown Srinagar thats the most affected area with very strict curfew. People are struggling with food medicines

Author — sehrish ishtiaq


Bhagwan modi ji ko bhut lambi age de vo logo ki sewa krte rhe, love u so much my modi ji

Author — Ritesh Sharma


13:20, so true, Democracy is the right to pelt stones and blast places.

Author — Chi


it shows how traitors are misusing right for freedom of speech .

Author — Amar Kumar


kashmiri had 70 years to get their work in order but they didn't . indian government keeping pumping money there. they kept using all privileges of being an indian but calling for freedom from it. They massacre kashmiri pandit, rebel against armed forces , giving shelter to militants. Its just comeuppance for their actions over the years.

Author — Shailendra Chauhan


I am definitely sure he would be in jail after this interview. This is Godi Government.

Author — Humanity And Culture


Dukhee Aatma. . you want to see 6 and rest news channel want s to see 9 (as in hindi movie DEWAAR, Amitabh Bachchan said).

Author — Sumit Goswami


Pakistani reporters are not allowed in kashmir. Thank you 'The wire' for filling that void.

Author — ghost rider


Thank the forces ..they are still respectful to journalists and have allowed this much freedom to the journalists.. it's India.. had this been China or Pak.. this Wire would have been around ur neck..
Kashmir is India.. have it in ur mind body and soul..

Author — ar sigs


most of the people detained are related with PDP AND J&K National conference parties, remaining also from some other parties.,
saare neta chor hay, pehli baar itne sare choro ko jail may ek sath rakha gaya
370 hatane ke baad (CBI aur income tax get entry, ab kya hoga), chidambaram ke baad ab agla mehmaan the josh

Author — Just do it


A Brave Courageous Compassionate Woman....
Kashmiris are Jailed in Jails or House Arrest ..25 Days and counting Violations of Human Rights Civil Liberty. .

Author — Dr.V.Poornima V


When people are giving interviews to media freely then what is complaint ?

Author — Mithilesh Kumar


Thank you Arfa.. proud of you ma'am. We need reporters like you.

Author — Mohini Sinha


The way this channel trying to show the ground report seems to be very biased..
Show some maturity and depth of facts in your videos @theWire

Author — Odia Fast Bulletin


Abh atankwadio ka zanaja nahi niklega.
When india gave democracy then what did you do?gave you special staus but you?

Author — Chokhim Tayang