Pentatonix - Mary, Did You Know? (Official Video)

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Official Music Video for ”Mary, Did You Know?” by Pentatonix

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Mary did you know, Mary did you know, Mary did you know

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Absolutely phenomenal as always.  Terrific job you guys!

Author — Peter Hollens


Ah yes. When you listen to Christmas songs in JUNE

Author — Bug


It's July but it's NEVER to early to praise Jesus's birth

Author — Princess Leia


HOW DID 49k PEOPLE DISLIKE THIS WHAT?! That should be illegal. This is a masterpiece sent from Heaven

Author — Esters Denver


This Was the song my husband wanted to be Carriet out of Church as the last song at his funeral. Ofc I did his last wish. Thank you pentatonix for being there thought his battle with cancer.

Author — Diljá Finnbogadóttir


Only pentatonix can make me listen to Christmas songs in the middle of April

Author — MrZimek20061


I love it when Mitch sings, "That sleeping child you're holding is the SANG Mitch

Author — Piano Gem Session


“The blind will see; the deaf will hear; the dead will live again; the lame leap; the dumb will speak; the praises of The Lamb”
*That whole verse made me shed a whole tear-*

Author — Yahir


Can we appreciate how every single one of them are VOCALIST

Author — King Carter


This is for all the songs that Pentatonix make, they always cheer me up and every time need something and I can't see my friends they help me through those things. Thank you so much Pentatonix for giving me hope when no one or nothing could!!!

Author — justice hequet


Me, in september: i'm totally ready for christmas

Author — joke


Some feel this is a Christmas song but I think it is great for Easter

Author — Patricia Roberts-Williamson


I hope each of you know that God has given you an amazing gift and it’s awesome that each of you are using that gift to represent Him. It’s amazing how y’all use your gift to bring all of us closer to our Holy Father.

Author — Stacy K


I will tell you from experience, these are five of the purist voices! What a beautiful rendition of this meaningful and biblical-based song. Amazing...

Author — Deb Judisch


I don’t think song should only be associated with Christmas, all Christians and everyone else honestly should listen to this no matter what time of year. Such a beautiful song!

Author — Nick Brown


Who remembers when Pentatonix created the best version of Mary did you know? I dare you to find a better version! You can't I've tried lol I've tried for years! Pentatonix will hold the best version

Author — Elizabeth Grim


Aug 2021...yes, I’m listening to a Christmas song. My fav Christmas song too and they give me goosebumps every time.

Author — Marie Weaver


Only 1.9 million likes!! This song is really amazing and punches me in the gut with the lyrics, the voices and the music. Breathtakingly beautiful!

Author — Philip Church


Who’s gonna listen to this Christmas song next month? August is knocking on the door!!! Hahaha

Author — rafaelgcdealmeida


I'm Hindu but I don't know why this song makes me cry every single time I listen to it🥰🥰😍 it's so beautiful

Author — Leo Moon