Robin Hood (8/10) Movie CLIP - Power From the Ground Up (2010) HD

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Robin (Russell Crowe) offers an inspiring speech to King John (Oscar Isaac) and the gathered armies.

Director Ridley Scott and actor Russell Crowe reunite for their fifth big-screen outing, a retelling of the Robin Hood legend featuring the Gladiator star in the titular role. A bowman in the army of Richard Coeur de Lion, virtuous rogue Robin Hood rises from an unlikely background to become a hero to the impoverished people of Nottingham and lover to the beautiful Lady Marion (Cate Blanchett). Cyrus Voris, Ethan Reiff, and Brian Helgeland collaborate on the screenplay for a costume adventure produced by Brian Grazer (Frost/Nixon, American Gangster).

TM & © Universal (2010)
Cast: Russell Crowe, Alan Doyle, Kevin Durand, Scott Grimes, William Hurt, Oscar Isaac
Director: Ridley Scott
Producers: Michael Costigan, Russell Crowe, Michael Ellenberg, Brian Grazer, Ryan Kavanaugh, Nikolas Korda, Charles J.D. Schlissel, Ridley Scott, James Whitaker
Screenwriters: Brian Helgeland, Ethan Reiff, Cyrus Voris

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It's quite a talent to be able to seamlessly switch between Irish, Scottish, northern and southern English accents like that. Nice one Russell. Try to work some Welsh in there and you've got the full house!

Author — KB


Oscar Isaac was by far and away the best actor in this film. When he gets crowned king near the beginning and quickly reveals himself to be a juvenile rat....he did a superb job on that

Author — Polpiv4tifish


Russell Crowe, extraordinary actor!

The speech was both brilliant and meaningful.

Author — Gabriela Jones


Despite its age, this is still one of the best movies I have ever watched (and rewatched several times).

Author — Lorenense Mapping


This movie is too underrated. Oscar Isaac as King John was great, the whole setting seems real, while there could be historical inaccuracies, this movie should be better considered... the gladiator has huge inaccuracies too

Author — Viktor Toth


*Every englishman’s home is his castle* is in my top five favorite lines from this movie. 🎬😍

Author — LucienSabre


This movie did get the characters down right. Robin is always ever the outspoken and stalwart champion of the people.

Author — Awesome Inspector


This King is more a leader than the so-called politicians nowadays. At least he dared to stand in the open crowd and debate with his subjects, man to man, no prepared questions nor waffling.

Author — Goff Harr


This was just a great movie, Love the fact they threw in alot of the actors and actresses from Prince Of Thieves. To me it payed homage and tried to be its own thing.

Author — Robo Gawd


Russell's great moments of human dignity. When he is old, he will remember, and wish his life stood up to the roles he played.

Author — Gary McAleer


Every Englishman's home is his castle. Great scene.

Author — TheBombayMasterTony


Astonishing performance by Russell Crowe... managing to be Northern Irish, Geordie and Mancunian all at the same time!

Author — markieboy1983


Love this movie. The director's cut is the best version.

Author — drewby613


Well that's your opinion, my friend.

I personally adore his acting. He proves he is a better actor in each and every role.
I did not find anything wrong with his accent, but again, that's just me.

I respect your opinion, wheather you agree or disagree.

Author — Gabriela Jones


I think Ridley Scott's "Kingdom of Heaven" (2005) and "Robin Hood" (2010) are pretty good historical epics. I do not think they are amazing as Scott's other historical epics. For example, "Gladiator" (2000) and "Exodus: Gods and Kings" (2014) are my favorite films. I look forward to watching the director's new historical epic, "The Last Duel" (2021)!

Author — smit4459


My main problem with this film is that it can't decide whether to be serious, inspiring, or realistic. Its lacks a focused mood, unable to choose between grit, realism, or inspiration. Still, this moment stands out. It highlights the frustrations of trying to make a fair society. Feels like conservatives just wanna deal with the top and ignore all else, while masses want a say of their own, but sometimes find their hopes falling short. I like King John's words, "who could object to such reasonable words", and "what would you have? a castle for every man?". Highlights that we often have the right ideas in mind, but lack the initiative or means to carry out those ideas, or decide where the balance of interests should lie. Hence, the debate over a fair society rages on today.

Author — primeholyassasin20


Tremendously entertaining film. I have seen it multiple times.

Author — Bobby Ricigliano


That accent ! Varies between yorkshire, irish and welsh, all in one sentence !

Author — John Wyatt


It’s pointless to argue with fools, especially one who raided Mr. t’s drawer of gold. It’s pointless to expect an ignorant selfish British entitled fool like king John to concede to keep his word if you get that far. But Robin’s true victory is in rallying the people, for it is within those numbers that his words gain power and puts the king in a very awkward position. It’s in this speech that Robin Hood is truly born, and the people find their true champion. One who has more rights to the throne. Wearing liberty as a crown devalues any piece of tin warrant by king John. Robin sees every man as his equal and expect no one to bow to him. He does what is right for the sake of being right and not for any gratitude or title. Brilliant writing and clean performance. Truly an underrated incarnation.

Author — Artisan1979


"Rise And Rise Again, Until Lambs Become Lions"

Author — rockndude87