Fox News Is Very Concerned About This Presidential Candidate's Brain | The Daily Show

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Fox News Is Very Concerned About This Presidential Candidate's Brain | The Daily Show 5

Fox News is very concerned that this presidential candidate's brain isn't working #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Trump

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When a person lies so much that his tongue literally goes on strike.

Author — Mo Cuishle


I feel like this is the longest episode of The twilight zone ever

Author — Robert Hubbard


His only problem is he lies faster than he talks.

Author — person who's real


I've been waiting 3 years to hear anything from his mouth that makes sense

Author — Gary Tarr


He's scared. He's unstable. You wanted him and now we got him.

Author — S.A. Harris


Honestly this all feels like an episode of Black Mirror.

Author — Mélusine Millie


'And god bless the united shaysh' ...That one always cracks me up

Author — Captain Kackvogel


Was watching governor of California, he said " and I own that" in talking about a minor misstep. Real men can be humble, narcissism in Trump would never allow him to be a real man.

Author — Jeff Cooper


I don't see why people can't see when a person shows you who they are, what's so hard to believe it?

Author — Kelvin Mack


This isn’t decline: he’s always been like this. You all are just finally paying attention.

Author — Nick Granville


Why now? His brain has malfunctioned since day one. He conned his followers, and is barreling this country to the abyss.

Author — Anastasia Joseph


Let’s differentiate. Yes there is evidence of cognitive decline in this president but on a larger scale, this is a person completely devoid of morals, decency, empathy and simply humanity.

Author — Nclrwst


He is no longer in charge of his faculties, to put it plainly, he should be institutionalized into a mental institute with immediate effect. He is capable of biting someone, if he doesn't have a muzzle to control that ranting & raving utter nonsense.

Author — smokeyvelvet42


He reads at the level of a second grader. Monotone and everything is one long run on sentence.

Author — Jim Zanis


This type of video needs to be played during the debates, but the Dems wouldn't have the guts to play it. If he goes low, they should take it to the floor.

Author — Eric Sutton


He gets DEPERSONALIZATION episodes so often. Whether it is from dementia. Or from paranoia from lying to everyone. It is clear that his mind is lost. The pig has LITERALLY LOST HIS MIND. Put him in an asylum before he bites somebody.

Author — Eric


As a speech/language pathologist, he is showing signs of aphasia. Causes could be a stroke or a tumor/lesion on the brain.

Author — Dancers ByTheSea


Wow! Like this is something new. The Republicans will still follow the Idiot off a cliff.

Author — Denise Davis


She's got a son together, she'll want that on her tombstone.

Author — Kevin Suarez


"The bursts of outrage & anger" 😂
That's not new

Author — ScottieMcNaughty69