Meet Hong Kong's Teenage Protesters | The Dispatch

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Meet Hong Kong's Teenage Protesters | The Dispatch 4
Antigovernment protests have raged all summer, aided by student activists. How will they be heard after they go back to school? Here’s what they told us.

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Y’all deadass exposed this kid didn’t even censor out his face or voice

Author — Nate - Man


"So How was Summer?"
That one Kid that came back from hong kong: *sweating*

Author — izykila


Bruh this lady be giving away there location like the hotel don’t say it police can review the footage

Author — Cody Cordon


They’re teenagers, risking their life, making me feel so sad.

Author — Celine Jesus


That chick is never going back to China, I’m sure she’s already got a life time ban

Author — Ben Lastname


Even the protesters admitted that they are playing real life GtA

Author — Alex


journalist:what about when everybody goes back to school

*moments of silence*

Author — Zachire


Last freedom?

those words are way scarier than death.

Author — Venom Animation


Looks like the hotel room is not a secret anymore.

Author — JeongVlogs Official


Protesters at the medic center: "we need to keep it a secret" the lady: "there gathering at a H O T E L"

Author — Framed Beauty


Lmao "It's like playing G.T.A but in real life and only one life time."


Author — Spider bat


Send them to UK, a place where these teenagers call home. The brexit protestor need them to bring more peaceful protest.

Author — cyka blyat


I think it's safe to say that the teenagers in HK are having the time of their lives.

Author — Rosie Darko


It makes me cry that we as a species would do this to each other

Author — alexander stent


i love how people in the US are taking democracy for granted when people in hong kong are doing this for democracy

Author — Scorpian 123457


If this happenf to my country...I will never stop crying and hiding.

Author — TSM OMG


Censor the shipping labels on the Amazon packages, bad editing WSJ

Author — Random Dude


I would love to join the protest too..

Author — Chinese Life 华人的生活


Playing real life GTA, "this might be fun today." Have fun kids ! Hope to add PLA in your GTA to have more fun.

Author — Phurpa Thongso


Why did the reporter ask a useless question: "Can they sustain the fight?"

Why didn't the report ask more meaningful questions: "Why are they picking a fight?" "What do they hope to achieve?" "Have they thought how things may play out?" "You sound very brave and full of yourself when you say you may die, but do you have any real goal?"

The reporter is just like the other irresponsible adults who edge the teenager on. They all want to see blood. In this video game, real blood may be spilled, don't they worry even a little bit? No. It'll be "even more interesting" news. They don't care. It's not their own children.

Author — ggttuuxx