Turkmenistan - From Insane Dictator to the Political Stability and Economic Prosperity

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There has been almost no dictator in the world like the Turkmenistan president, Saparmurat Niyazov, such a mad thug whose decisions would be comical if they were not terrible, and they are terrible because they turned 5 million of these potentially very rich Central Asian countries along the Caspian Sea into ideological slaves.

But, this Turkmenistan documentary is a story about the road from Turkmenistan crazy dictatorship to the political stability, economic potential and generally about Turkemenistan economy.

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Can we HIT 100 LIKES for this video about Turkmenistan ?
Hope you all enjoyed the video, and let us know if I missed any important facts and which topics YOU want us to Cover NEXT!
Maybe The Collapse of the Soviet Union?

Author — Planet Explore


Going past the initial negative bias we have learned that Turkmenbashy has done more for his people and his country than all the “leaders of the democratic countries” have done for theirs in the last 60 years!
And that goes to prove what the developing or “poor” countries could do for their people if they were to be left alone to pursue their own interests!

Author — Super Balaur


My cousin died there in a car crash and we were not allowed to any information on the crash. We do not know what happened in the hospital (which he later died), we do not know what happened to the man who was drunk driving and caused the crash. And my cousin s friends were too afraid to talk to us via any communication saying they may be listened and would be in trouble.

Author — Aygi Can


I was pleasantly surprised at Turkmenistan, especially when we stayed at the capital. Seemed like a city out of Star Wars, but very empty. Funnily enough though, I do not remember seeing his face haha or maybe I was just too focused on how crazy the country is.

Author — Tours R' Us


Underrated channel
Could you make a series about dictatorships

Author — 김여정


😂😂😂 Türkmenbaşı was a lunatic...the chew bones advice had me laughing for 30minutes 😂😂😂

Author — Edward Fields


İm from Azerbaijan. Their language very similar to ours. But i never seen them on social media. Only 1 time i saw one turkmen on facebook but he lives in Turkey.

Author — Khergit Khuzait


I guess we gotta keep Kodak black out of Turkmenistan

Author — Luke S