Donald Glover: Why Are There No 'Crazy Man' Stories? - Comedy Central Presents

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Donald Glover: Why Are There No 'Crazy Man' Stories? - Comedy Central Presents 5
Donald Glover always wanted to know why women don't have any stories about "crazy men" in their lives, but upon reflection, he's figured it out.

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can watch this over and over again till the day i die ;))

Автор — NExxGEnn Radio


is no one gonna say how he looks so young

Автор — Pixel


I really got reminded of Teddy Perkins voice in some of this 🤔

Автор — Nora Peace


“It wasn’t even dark it was like 2 PM” literallyyyy😂😂

Автор — Pearl Moonga


his outfit is something a cartoon character would wear

Автор — Ashley Thomas


2:28 "If you have a crazy boyfriend you gonna die" 😂😂😂😂

Автор — PlayStationary


"like" "like" "like" "like" "like" "like" "like" "like" "like" "like" "like" "like" "like" "like" "like"

Автор — Flopperman64


Childish Gambino and Donald Glover are never in the same room at the same weird....

Автор — Rachel Brown


The "hand is bigger than your face" joke brought back MEMORIES

Автор — Javian Johnson


Wow he really looks like childish Gambino hahah lol

Edit: Its dissapointing I have to say this, but this comment is a joke, and everyone who's taking it literally needs to stop because it's a joke, not a dick, stop taking it so hard

Автор — malcolms memery


Take a shot each time you see a "This is America" comment

Автор — Witchy Plant Mom


He’s a comedian too. Damn this dude is a hustler.

Автор — Daniel DeJesus


He looks super young. His face is like baby smooth.

Автор — well


lmao people really think this guy is childish gambino

Автор — eat some lettuce


When he screams he reminds me of the foam mouth guy from avatar the last air bender !!💀💀

Автор — Macy Bancroft


As a man, I do actually have a crazy man story.
I am a homosexual
I'm only alive cause it was an online relationship

Автор — Quinn Ethan


Donald glover's fierce woman eyes are soo intense lol

Автор — Chloe Young


Damn he and Tiffany Haddish have a lot in common both grew up in foster care.

Автор — Arthur Workman


Hey this guy should team up with Childish Gambino.

Автор — Is this a good username


He's not that funny but I have to give him props for pointing out that men complain about all these "crazy" women they date but women can't complain about crazy men because those kind of men KILL women. IJS

Автор — Rose