DIY Electric Bike 40km/h Using 350W Reducer Brushless Motor

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DIY Electric Bike 40km/h Using 350W Reducer Brushless Motor 4.5

How to build Electric Bike 40km/h Using 350W Reducer Brushless Motor at home
- I am Using 350W Reducer Brushless Motor

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Uriel López Torres solicita una bicicleta aquí en sanguíneo Bueno ma pertenece a Monte Plata pero verla solicita que sí se la puedes regalar regalar

Author — Nsbddh Nsnebene


There's no replacement for displacement

Author — mr machinist


16:29 was i the only one who thought he gave that bus driver the finger after?

Author — Dale Jenkins


Was I the only one who noticed that he literally taped the batteries on the bike's frame?😂

Author — Vimal Kumar Bharathi B.R


So everyone just got this laying around in there office

Author — Heaven


What a shame that the motor seemed gutless. It was struggling on straight roads and definitely stall on small hills

Author — DIY MAN


I saw that the charger is exposed so question... What if it rains? lol

Such bike be good in my country but not sure with all the pot holes, uneven surfaces and gravel like roads (they are many small holes).

Author — Nao No


You should have cut the battery holder 2 " bigger and bend it up around the battery

Author — robert downer


Amazing video. You will make a difference!! Also, I want to be Youtube friends

Author — Alisa Ritter


I was wondering if you have any questions

Author — Priya Acharjya


"How to make the worlds heaviest bike"

Really cool how he just created it tbh though

Author — H-EV Tech


Молодец мужик! Китайцы на самом деле умный народ! ✌️🤔😊

Author — Самир Алиев


Brother, after watching your video, I have a desire to buy a bicycle from you, how and in what way I can get this bicycle, and how much it will cost in Bangladeshi taka, please tell me a little.

Author — Md. Jamal Hossain


. With all that added weight from the batteries and metal sheets., you MPG will be gravely affected.

Author — baron eleve


Cool channel. I advise. I always look with interest

Author — Serg Tyman


I want this cycle how much were we want to get this

Author — Lalith Bala


è il tuo negozio di biciclette
preferito. Specialisti in biciclette elettriche, monopattini elettrici e
accessori per il ciclismo: Portabici Posteriore, Antivento Ciclismo, ecc.
Una bici elettrica è un tipo di mezzo di trasporto elettrico
composto da una bicicletta alla quale è stato collegato un motore elettrico per
assistere l’avanzamento della bicicletta. L’energia viene fornita da una
batteria che viene ricaricata nella rete elettrica o nel pannello solare. Il
suo raggio d’azione è ordinariamente compreso tra i 30 e i 60 km.
Gli monopattini elettrici sono diventati di moda ultimamente.
Esteticamente, sono come i normali monopattini di tutta la vita, ma integrano
una batteria e un motore che permette loro di muoversi con un meccanismo di
accelerazione, disposti nel manubrio o in altre parti, come la base dei piedi.

Author — Kimberely Roberts


Orangnya Gagu..
Kalo ngomong yg nonton pasti tertawa

Author — Bang Togar


11:38 when you forgot if you have removed the paddles

Author — Aaron Guitar


peralatan kumplit bahan kumplit. segala ada. ya wajarlah

Author — budhi yuliandi