DIY Electric Bike 40km/h Using 350W Reducer Brushless Motor

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DIY Electric Bike 40km/h Using 350W Reducer Brushless Motor 4.5
How to build Electric Bike 40km/h Using 350W Reducer Brushless Motor at home
- I am Using 350W Reducer Brushless Motor

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Can you create a wheelchair for people with disabilities ?

Author — سالم البجاوي


Do you how many bicycles there are in China alone? Do this for $ and profit.

Author — Z Car


The battery'd rather be water insulated.

Author — Веселуха


Педалей все-таки не хватает, когда аккумуляторы сядут )))

Author — Вячеслав Иванов


30 км в час? Вы серьёзно?? Нах это всё тогда было нужно, я с педалями против ветра еду так же а по ветру и того быстрее. Запарод норм велик

Author — Игорь Волков


Awesome I need that in my life for my BMX

Author — Sicosis XL


it is cheating you see that seconds properly

Author — Guru Prasad


Organic carbon power cell's inside the rims of the tire's. Wireless energy transfer technology used to power an electric hydraulic pump that powers swash plate pump motors type 12 in the front and rear tire's. Large tubular frame with hydraulic lines inside the frame. Swash plate pump motor type 12 both having a small drum motor rewired into electrical power generation configuration to generate electricity to charge up organic carbon power cell's inside the rim's and to power the electric hydraulic pump. Ultron bike designed for unlimited range and used has a power source for lights induction cook top slash space heater electric absorption refrigeration ice chest slash air conditioning system. Ultron bike designed to be a able to pull a my pod camper for bike camping. Add in vacume spark gaps were needed to help release the potential of the generated electrical energy to release the brake's. Change E bike and E motorcycles for ever! 🥴👍

Author — James Martin


😆😆😆😆😆😆. Bro itu persis banget dengan sepeda butut milik saya .

Author — Sukarti Sumartoyo


Nice bro

Kya ise sell v karte h kya bhai



Good job, thanks for sharing your work with us.

Author — Jason Creech


Jest Pan genialny .zazdroszczę Panu takich zdolności .jestem pełen szacunku .pozdrawiam .

Author — Wiesław Prokop


bhai lekin yrr fel ho jaygi wet nhi lot karpaigi

Author — bhai karlo yrr Khan


Grinding metal with sandals on? Bad idea!

Author — John Doherty