Paw Patrol Baby Pup Halloween Toy Learning Video for Kids!

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Paw Patrol Baby Pup Halloween Toy Learning Video for Kids! 3.5
Paw Patrol Baby Pup Halloween Toy Learning Video for Kids! In this educational Halloween Paw Patrol learning video for kids, let's learn about Halloween and Trick or Treats with the help of, cute kid, Genevieve! It's time for the Paw Patrol pups Chase, Skye, Marshall, and Rubble to dress up in their costumes for Halloween so they can go Trick or Treating. In this educational video, we'll teach kids about the Halloween Holiday and how to trick or treat safely by avoiding candy that they may be allergic to, and candy that does not have wrapping. Stay safe and have fun in this Halloween Paw Patrol baby pup adventure movie for kids!

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Author — Genevieve's Playhouse - Toy Learning for Kids


Hey guys, u have a very cool channel, enjoyed the editing. Hope u have a great day.

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Author — AckyTacky36


Im 11yrs old and i find this entertaining. CONGRATS

Author — Gleadr .!


This is the dark side of YouTube

Author — diamondwolf3003


Haha. They are having so much fun. I think they are ready for the Halloween!

Author — afterRainbow


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My son is turning 2yrs old tomorrow and just learned how to say trick or treat and this video is so perfect! Came out just in time for him to practice saying it to actual neighbors! And is that Genevieve? She got so big 😮

Author — Stacey Morales


write the theme is very simple but meaningful, the channel owner is great, I also do the theme children, but hard pretty much, everyone just teach me to develop with, sincerely thank !

Author — Kids TV VN


why did i get an ad for paw patrol on this vid...

Author — r1reilly xsw


lovely video a great learning kid liked it so much

Author — bangladeshivlogger milton


Like si hablas español y Like si eres el primero

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