2019 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 HONEST REVIEW --- PART 1

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It is definitely a reliable car and economic, it has taken me on over 6 hours drive so it works for what I need but yes is not fast and the 2018 model I have looks older for sure but is expected I payed less then 20k for it so what can I expect. It works and awesome gas mileage. It even has Bluetooth and backup camera so even if is slow and the inside looks outdated it has what I need and it works great for what I do. I am just a student when I have more money I’ll buy something newer haha

Author — FVDCVH


Absolutely truly great review, everyone think they know what is good review,
Until I wish they saw this review, I subscribed and would recommend all I can,

They good fella goes through so much recommendations, budget and quality options on everything, maintenance, oils, lights etc everything

Thank you so much for good through video.

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Your car will run better on regular if that's what the owner's manual recommends. Premium is for advanced ignition timing and is harder to detonate.

Author — YTF


I bought a new Mirage ES manual in 2017. I've owned cars with less hp. 78 hp is fine. I get 40-50 mpg year round. I am @ over 41, 000+ miles with no issues. These were selling for under $10, 000 OTD at the time, but a base 2019 has a few more features now. I wouldn't pay near MSRP for a Mirage, but a discounted one can be a great value.

Author — Driftless Hunter


I love mine I have a 2019 and put 30, 000 miles on mine it now has 50, 000 love love it been very dependable I love it I live in Wisconsin so it gets very cold starts right up I will get another if anything happens to mine I get 40 mpg city's and 49 to 53 mpg it's all how you drive she's not a race car but love it took it to Oregon and back no problems kept up with a lot of cars with no problem

Author — Ryan Schofield


Привет!у меня Мираж 14 года на вариаторе, правый руль...покупал в Японии на аукционе...пришел с пробегом 56000км...мне он очень нравится!это авто для тех, кто понимает в экономии...отличный, надёжный авто для городского пользования...мой Мираж 1, 0л...расход топлива смешной-4л на 100 км...я не люблю гонять, езжу со скоростью 75-90 кмч...

Author — Константин Доставалов


there is two filters on the transmission a screen filter inside the transmission pan and a cartridge filter on the side of the transmission, you can get to the cartridge filter on the drivers side of the car behind the wheel well cover, after you remove the wheel well cover, Just saw this stuff in a you tube video, I really like my Mitsubishi Mirage, I think a 80's Geo Metro (Suzuki Motors in those) did get 50-55 miles per gallon probably a even more under powered car than the Mirage, Their are lots of cars out there that prove no doubt that the miles per gallon is pretty darn good.

Author — Andrew Kennedy


I'm really think about getting this car next, from my understanding it's pretty reliable and maintenance is easy

Author — Luis Villa


I bought a super bright blue with black rims site unseen. It was a 2020 I just bought it with 15 miles on it. Turned my leased car in signed for this car. The engine and cat are funny to drive, honestly sport does change the game a bit. I get about 46 on highway regularly and drive the crap out of it. The road noise is overwhelming conversation and if it rain well good luck lol. I got such a low price I didn’t even have to but gap. Buy it just be ready for no acceleration once you over that your ok

Author — Mentally Hurting


I own a 2017 Mirage hatchbacks very reliable car, really nice cars for daily driven, good review.

Author — All-CarReviews-GT


What made you go with the sedan over the hatchback? Wonderful video by the way!

Author — Czek


I would get the other kind - with the bigger wheel and tire package. .. Nice car, tho 👍

Author — Martin DeBrois


For a high performance car with almost 300hp it’s not bad!

Author — Brian Reardon


I drive a 75hp chevy spark and in my country, it's faster than average 😂

Author — Myo Myat Aung


Your video said a mouth full! I have a 2017, hatchback. I find it very serviceable. Thank you.

Author — Sean McGivney


I have a 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback is cheaper than the G4 by like 1k ish.

Author — HD Gaming Zero Them Down


Just got one lol it's definitely slower then my 2009 Honda Accord 🤣🤣🤣

Author — chassity baker


Nice review. Nice car, I'd get the same color but id get a manual.

Author — joe b


Actually it’s recommended to replace the cvt fluid every 30, 000 instead of 50, 000.

Author — RocketShift Gaming


Much is made about the measely peak horsepower number; but peak horsepower by itself tells very little about any car except maybe top speed. It is true that this car is not fast or quick, but I traded a 2017 base-model Kia Soul 6-speed manual shift for it that supposedly has 52 more rated peak horses than this Mirage and weighs only a thousand more pounds, and it has 44 more rated peak torque, but, except for speeds above 75 mph, which is not relative to my situation, this Mirage performs far better as a daily driver. The Kia always felt like it needed another forward gear even though it had six. Even so, It couldn't hold hills at highway speeds. The Mirage drives right up them and I'm averaging 44 mpg winter time. Downshifting the Soul didn't help the experience. There was just no guts to it at all no matter how I revv'd it. Maybe it would do something at WOT and ringing out the gears; I never tried that
Anyway, I'd have to speed up at the base of steep, long grades to get up them. Any other method was annoying and it averaged only 31 mpg, which is horrible for a the slug that it was. It was supposed to have peak hp at 130. The Mirage us rated at 78. I could never find the rated power in the Soul. All of the 78 hp is there for me in the Mirage.

In 2015, I bought one of the cheapest new pickups one could buy at the time but added the optional twin turbo power train for $800 more, which is not the engine with the most horsepower or the most torque in the lineup, but it was the quickest stock pickup one could buy in the world and probably still is one of the quickest compared to today's choice but have averaged 24 mpg. One has to look past the numbers and read reviews and test drive. The Mirage behaves perfectly for a rural commute for what I want and expect for a daily commute. The power train is likely more crude than just about anything out there and it has considerable road noise from the tires; but if the crudeness is acceptable to you, and you don't give a hoot about high refinement or impressing others with what you drive; appreciate bang-for-the-buck, good mpg; easy maintenance and service-ability; ability to easily DYI; and you don't need an 80 mph cruiser, then this may be the best value car on the market. I would also think that for an extra urban car, I'd look for something else, but maybe the CVT version would be better, but the stick shift would get annoying for me if I were mostly driving in city traffic. The transaxle and clutch make some weird and loud, whiny and clunky noises that were absent in the Soul, but it cruises great once out on the road, and the mpg out paces the estimate by about 10%. It cost me $11, 820 brand new. Great warranty; does a a 180 on dime. Has some decent room for an econo box; it has great drive-abilty in that 35-65 mph range; looks are acceptable. Good car so far.

Author — Gregory Faulkner