How To Edit Videos With Movavi Video Editor (Tutorial)

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How To Edit Videos With Movavi Video Editor (Tutorial) 4.5
Welcome back everyone! Today I'm going to show you how to edit videos with Movavi Video Editor! If you enjoy this video, feel free to subscribe! Make sure to SMASH that like button below as well! Stick around for more content!

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It's a great platform to make highlight videos. Overall, a really good movie maker.

Author — Brian Ajemian


hi i am interested in how to do the ending effect when the movie became darker and black
i am talking about when the movie is just few seconds before end



Thank you so much for making this, I was about to take a break on my YouTube channel cuz I couldn't figure out the software but now I don't have to.

Author — Bloopdork7


after you do the job you find out it's $74. screw them up the backside with a rough redwood 4x4

Author — Drake Koefoed


I just got this software, can you do reaction vids with it?

Author — K&K Productions


I've been trying to upload my video for weeks now and it keeps saying it's uploading and stops at about 8% and doesn't go up. I can't figure out what's going on with it.

Author — Ema Voksic


Whenever I export my work, my foot age comes out really glitchy after i used transitions. Do you know how I can fix it?

Author — Green Light Comics


I LOVE THIS EDITOR! with this im gonna make my videos...

Author — Itzyour Angel :3


With vertical images, how would I make it fit onto the screen?

Author — Miss Kim


Thank you for your tutorial, it was short, to the point, I’ll definitely check out this program. Will I be able to upload videos from iPhoto? Because I’m planning to film on my phone; and photos and videos go to iPhoto in my computer.

Author — lilskubs


Movavi is so cool! It's really good, and cheap!

Author — Saskias Gacha World


Aw man. It looks so awesome! I would want to make my intro with this and my videos with it. Since it's free, I suppose I could download it. :D

Author — Rose Cadenza


Hi, I have a question I would like to ask you. I added a scrolling subtitle to a movie. The subtitle setting time is 8 minutes, but when it is played until 7 minutes, it is finished, and the last line is not complete.

Author — 老宋分享


when i ever i open it, it goes away and crashes

Author — Itz_Jake


There is no way to make a video with .wav audio is there? when I rendered a video I only got .mp3 audio...

Author — Helm of the Anti-lemon


I have had 0 background in video editing. I have found this software to be extremely user friendly.

Author — Mole Rat Gaming


Can someone help me?
Is there a way to make the VHS effect move slower?

Author — David Gaming Remastered


Cool. I have been using this editor since the inception of my channel.



Do they have any other free effects besides the ones that come with the program, and besides the ones you have to buy in the store?

Author — Michael Owusu Kyereko


how to transfer videos on this app to facebook?

Author — jennelyn madden