[MUGEN 2014] Ryu vs. Wolverine

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This match was requested by CocoSam32. In this video, I'm using MvC2 Ryu by Mouser and fighting against Wolverine by Vyn. Wolverine is a mutant from Marvel's X-Men. This Wolverine was made by Vyn and this one has a MvC-EoH gameplay, because this is Vyn's Bone-Claw Wolverine and his AI is tough. Bone-Claw Wolverine appears in Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes fighting game and is different than the normal Wolverine. His claws are longer than the normal claws, because he has the same moves as the normal Wolverine. It's not bad if you like this Wolverine. Can Ryu beat the mutant: Wolverine from X-Men? Watch and find out!

MvC2 Ryu by Mouser (me)
Bone-Claw Wolverine by Vyn

Stage: Savage Land from X-Men: Children of the Atom
BGM: Savage Land (Wolverine's theme) from X-Men: Children of the Atom

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Where did you find this Savage Land stage? I want it so badly, but I can't find a link to download it anywhwere.

Author — Funkermonster


Great videos.
Classic gaming at it's finest.

Author — WizzyWhipitWonderful


@BlasterMUGEN Hey good video, um I have a question do you have a copy of this stages Savage Land for mugen I'v been looking around for it and I can't seem too find it any where?

Author — Swagga Kings


Blaster, I like ur vids and I have a question. I can't find mouser's ryu or characters in general. Since u have him, may u please give me a link to ryu or a folder of all his mvc2 creations? Thank you if ur going to answer this question.

Author — Zion


awesome battle. your really good with ryu mind if i ask what life bars were you using?

Author — Justin Tyler