The Netherlands: Beyond Amsterdam

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The Netherlands: Beyond Amsterdam 5

Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | By train, bike, and boat, we visit the top Dutch sights outside of Amsterdam: from Haarlem to Rotterdam, and from Delft to the Zuiderzee. Along the way, we enjoy charming towns with fragrant cheese markets, soggy polderland, mighty dikes, and windmills both new and old. Rolling through the Netherlands and connecting with its people, you can’t help but think, “Everything’s so...Dutch!”

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This is one of the better representations of my country, compared to those 'wooden

Author — matroosoft


😊here in Egypt if you want to describe a good cheese you say it is Hollandii means
Dutch cheese 😍

Author — Athanasius Philopatoris Maximus Antonios


Water: exist

The Dutch: G E K O L O N I S E E R D

Author — KiMm Etje


2:48 😂 Poor Cameraman didn't get *HIS* Cheese sample 😒Ay Rick Steves!😁

Author — MyLuv Kitteh


I am a Brit and I have lived in the Netherlands for 33 years. I am now a registered citizen and this sympathetic presentation makes me feel proud to belong to this industrious nation.

Author — Roy Leon


Hopefully one day you'll do an episode 'The Netherlands: Beyond Holland'

Author — lucaboris


Finally a great video about Holland that's not about Amsterdam.

Author — Salamander


Gorgeous architecture, beautiful landscape, rich history. All the best to you, Netherlands 🇳🇱 Greetings from Kazakhstan 🇰🇿

Author — Anna Michel


After living in Holland for more than 18 years, two weeks ago I boarded a train to start a new life in Berlin, Germany. Sitting next to me was a very old Dutch man who was very warm, sharp and intelligent, we talked all the way until Hannover. When he stepped out of the train, only then I realised how bad I'd miss Holland. After all this years, they became "my people".

Author — Jane Silva


he wanted to give the camaraman a cheese.. rick was like nope its mine.. dutch seller was like.. you wott?

Author — Sjaak b


"One thing the polder soil grows particularly well is flowers"
*Shows a field of potato plants*

Author — Tristan


"Beyond Amsterdam" still stays in the Randstad, not even looking beyond Holland....

Author — Gerwin Bergsma


I often wish I had been born in a peaceful loving nation like the Netherlands .

Author — Timmy Jones


I went for Summer in 2015, with my family, for a month. It was potentially the greatest experience of my life. So great that we ventured there again for another month the following year. Such a beautiful country with beautiful people. So kind-hearted and helpful. Almost all of the population that we'd come across spoke English, and fluent English at that too. The country boasts some fantastic museums. We explored Amsterdam many a time and explored a lot of the city. We explored some cities other than Amsterdam, of course; in fact, the exact same ones shown in the video, minus Zuiderzee. I think it's also worth mentioning how stunning the beaches are. Unfortunately, didn't get to swim, because it was the final day of our trip there, but the beaches were absolutely clean. I feel the beaches there are a little underestimated. I'll definitely visit it the next time I get the chance. Love you, Holland.

Author — IdyllMusic


Everyone raves about Amsterdam, but there is so many beautiful costal towns in Holland that many British people dont realise.

Author — adbek82


This video makes us look like we are awesome people.. I don't disagree :p

Author — MushroomNr1


I am glad he showed Delft and my city - Rotterdam - but it is still not "beyond Amsterdam". Real beyond Amsterdam would be magnigicent Groingen, or Utrecht, or cities like Arnhem and Maastricht (which is the most "beyond" you can get)

Author — Никита Отдельнов


Thank you for taking me to the Netherlands for free !!!!

Author — Raj Sindha


My dream is living in a country like this one on the video. It´s so clean and beautiful and people do not litter, people keep the country very clean. I´d like that here where I live was like Nethrerlands. People keek everything very, very, very dirty in here. I´m extremelly sad about that. It´s horrible. OMG!!

Author — Waldecyr Rosa


I had a dutch girlfriend for some time. absolutely loved going over to Holland! the relationship sadly ended. but thinking back i dont know who i loved more.. her or the country. ^_~

Author — Markus .Decimus