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Costing 43,000 Yen, or roughly $400 at the time (now approximately $800), this is the Sharp Famicom Titler. An NES/Famicom combined with a Genlock system, so that you can edit videos, or combine other input sources, 1989 STYLE.

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Lumix G6 with Vario 14-42mm Lens
Nikon D3200 with 40mm Macro
Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2018
Corel Paint Shop Pro 2018
Blue Snowball Microphone

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I'm not entirely sure why I say "Epic Pinball". It's clearly "Psycho Pinball". I guess I just love DOS games.

Author — Nostalgia Nerd


It would be a heck of a fun to get like 8 of those machines, daisy chain em and run gradius on all the machines at once.

Author — Dan Loup


The device is so strange I am left unable to render a coherent comment

Author — Greg McCarthy


Plugging a Sega into a Nintendo seems vaguely perverted...

Author — hangonsnoop


I’m kind of amazed there was no VHS/famicom hybrid game that ran on a timer system.

Author — GodsBurden


Perhaps the NES hardware was used to control the genlock hardware and they figured. “why not stick cart slot on”

Author — FennecTECH


Forget the PS2 with its DVD player; this is a real home media convenience package.

Author — tehFoxx0rz


It's for the person in the extended family that edits wedding videos I'd assume.

Author — Zorbeltuss


Where are the compliments for redrawing the Nostalgia Nerd Logo with a D-pad? Great Job!

Author — Sloppy Toons


Sharp was really in love with Nintendo back in the 80s.

Author — Ravyn


You know what, that's actually the first good use of the Famicom controller 2 microphone I've seen.

Author — Timmy Dirtyrat


This is something like Alan Sugar would want to

Author — Edward Byard


I can't wait to see the next episode, where our friends at Sharp combine a Famicom with a toaster.

Author — Steve Lovelace


I think it could've been used in trade shows to point things out and to put text and animations while demoing a game.

Author — Pizza Cade


Perhaps they were planning additional cartridges for different purposes? That would have been great for producing eg company videos.

Author — Informative


Young whippersnapper doesn't realize that a Titler was an isolated task in TV production studios, and that Japanese didn't exactly use Amigas for their video editing due to an intense case of Not-Invented-Here syndrome.

Author — Global Medicinal Marijuana


When you mentioned Friday Market quality video, I immediately thought of that "Pirate Videos: Daylight Robbery" public information film that used to play at the beginning of UK VHS tapes in the 90's.

Author — doublecontralto


They made it for future speed runners, so they can play the game and record it and high-quality.

Author — George Anderson


They asked Alan Sugar if he had any more bizarre tech mashup ideas.

Author — jaxtraw


Sharp made a lot of interesting Famicom hardware. The red version of the Sharp TwinFami is still my favorite incarnation of the Famicom. <3

Author — Bakamoichigei