North Korea / The Lies and Truth of Kim Jong Un / How People Live (2019)

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North Korea / The Lies and Truth of Kim Jong Un / How People Live (2019) 5

North Korea Vlog Episode 1. The lies and truth about Kim Jong-un. See the Real Life in North Korea in my documentary. Are you planning to travel to North Korea? Is it one of the most dangerous countries in the world? In this episode my first visit of North Korea.

Going into this country you must torn all the US labels off and you must register every gadget with the police, which checks all your files by the way. This is the country where villagers drive cars that run on wood and general population dreams of visiting countries like GDR and Czechoslovakia that are non existent for over 30 years now.
This is the country where newspapers write that their Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un can predict the weather. This is the country where you will get a life imprisonment for removing ideology slogans from house walls.

In the first episode eou will see what is North Korea like, how people live in North Korea, first impressions of North Korea, and what difficulties you will face while North Korea travel.

"The People" is Anton Lyadov travel vblog. Anton visits the most uncommon and dangerous places in the world.

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Author — The People


This documentary needs more credit. Cmon, he entered North Korea and illegally filmed everything. He risked his life for a documentary

Author — Boss Boomer


This is true journalism. Willing to risk his own life to film the truth. I'd rather watch this as opposed to CNN anyday great work!

Author — Anthony Keegan


I really hope there were no consequences for anyone who may have been caught in this filming.

Author — Tina catz


I feel like North Koreans will be freed in my lifetime and I can’t imagine what it’ll be like. Hopefully with no war or bloodshed. I feel for the citizens of NK, they are victims.

Author — D.N .H


Imagine the night sky in North Korea, Milky Way must be beautiful.

Author — AerioC


Do yourself a favour and never go back, you will not leave.

Author — Sad Vibes


Please do not go back, he would most likely rip your head off in front of everyone if he see's you again 😂.

Author — Kalayha Robinson


No seriously hope he's ok, he haven't posted anything new since his docu/research on korea ..

Author — Kedlin Eloissaint


why is nobody talking about how they just kept a dead dude in the building and in a glass coffin thats just nasty and creepy

Author — sarah xu


Typical Russian. Goes to another country and breaks all the rules. 🤣

Gotta love the Russki’s. Great doc btw!

Author — Benzeen05


This dude legit a spy. Like he's the closest thing to James Bond I've ever seen

Author — Alexander Sierputowski


Damn, and here I was planning a trip to Czechoslovakia after Covid 19

Author — Jason Jason


That was windows XP. Other than that, I liked this a lot.

Author — Paul Smith


Imagine being born 1 mile away from South Korea and living ur entire life being so close to freedom yet so far.

Author — Chicken Nugget


I wonder how many ppl like him there were already and just disappeared before being able to put it on yt...

Author — PinkiesBrain


I feel like you should’ve blurred people’s faces when they were helping you. That may have ruined their entire family’s lives

Author — vcu1212


It’s content like this that makes me grateful and appreciate the fact that YouTube is free

Author — TOMOHOK


The fact that this place actually exists is mind boggling

Author — Baron Bolanos


If this had gone wrong in any way, i i dont even want to imagine what would have happened. This takes guts! Respect to the guy🙏🙌

Author — alex Kimani