Russian forces storm Ukraine's Crimea bases

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Russian forces storm Ukraine's Crimea bases 4

Backed by armoured vehicles, gun fire and stun grenades Russian special forces smashed their way into Ukraine's Crimea airbase on Saturday.

One Ukrainian serviceman was reportedly injured in the take over at Belbek base near Sevastopol, while the base's commander was also detained for talks.

Footage showed Russian soldiers overwhelming the airport in what appeared to be a matter of minutes, herding their Ukrainian counterparts into one area of the base.

Despite little resistance some onloo...

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Lol, not a single shot was made in the "annexation" of Crimea

Author — Tim iv


Some local Russians???The true is that over 90% of Crimea is populated with Russians. Silly fake, propaganda news!!!

Author — Nikola Nikolov


For a good salary western reporters will call 97% of population “some locals” ))))

Author — Max Spirin


That moment when "some lockal" is in fact ~95% but you paid to say it's all wrong

Author — Stepan sopin


4 year later, history benefits to Russia, and "euro news" keeps like a fake news with poor journalist ethics

Author — Torres Quintero


first talk about blood bath in Libya Syria Iraq etc by USA and NATO

Author — Navin Rajkumar


They never wanted to be a part of Ukraine, 95 percent of them are russian and were handed over to uktraine.

Author — Oriana Fallaci


Fake news, typical western mainstream media! Just like cnn, bbc, fox and the other fake! What a big BS! Even we in asia know what's going on there!

Author — apriano rizqha


Thank god, Crimea got saved from becoming another Donbass .

Author — Desi Explorer


Are you embarrassed by the fact that the locals are applauding and smiling at the military?

Author — Кямал 05


One Ukrainian man injured as he stumbled upon his shoe lace

Author — not today


They say "smashed" and during that they're showing footage of tanks carefully and slowly rolling through the streets while being passive enough to allow a cameraman to film them

Would "tiptoed" have been a more appropriate word here?

I mean that's a military force that looks more peaceful than police in some cases

Author — Matthew Coke


Hatelist of Euronews:
Middle east

Author — Marshal Nadar


I lived in the same village where a Ukie Airbase was located, when the "Russians" showed up. The History of the base was that it was/still is a Russian base, but during WW II the Nazis overran it and used it until the Red Army could regroup and fight for it back. The Ukraine military took over the base after the fall of the Soviet Union in the 90s, but the Ukraine military had lost most of their armaments in 2005. In 2005, the US Congress, decided to disarm the Ukrainian military. Ya, you read that right ! Senator B Obama came to Ukraine in 2005 with 40 million dollars, in order to disarm the Ukraine Military. Why ? Well Kiev leaders, were so corrupt that they thought it was a good idea to take the money and then sell the arms to -- quess who > Anybody in the Mid East or Africa. So, when the Maidan showed up and the US did a coup - there was no Ukraine Army that was well equipped. So, when Crimea was in danger from the US backed Neo Nazi Azov battalion, the Russian navy and Marines, who have always been in Sevastopol, asked the Ukrainian military to leave - I remember a Russian General went around - asking the Ukraine military members to join the Russian Army, since the Ukies were Russian anyways - over 50% of them switched sides and today those guys get decent pay . There was no Russian invasion and no one died in the transition. I was Here.

Author — Garry Compton


some locals supported? :D:D:D it was like 90% who supported it, to understand why you musnt watch media, but know real situation, contact some locals and ask them is best way to find out why

Author — Marty toofree


After watching documentaries of RT I can say what cnn, bbc and all the west media are selling the world is all lies, the protest that happened in Kiev where the protesters had guns, sniper stationed, patrol bombs etc that killed many policemen and injured more and the Kiev government started sending military to crimea and other parts of Ukraine and started bombing and mass killing of its own citizens including lots of children and women old grannys as well, I burst into tears watching them and lots of them went running into russia borders as refugee, many women were pregnant and gave birth in refugee camps, seeing children in tears and talking about their situation back home got me into tears, those who faught against Kiev are public, Labourers farmers who had to take up arms to defend their home and city

Author — kapil Bathari


Thank You!! well done...good Russian soldiers!

Author — BukarestRO


Жители Крыма кричат, Россия. Значит они голосавли за присоединение. Это демократический выбор.

Author — Руслан Ахметгалеев


This is so weird, they voted to be with Russia 95 percent

Author — Oriana Fallaci


What a wanderfull operation, NATO loosers watch and learn :)

Author — Максим Баркан