Passionate for Greska's Carbon-60

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I would order some of your product if you informed us how much C60 is in your formula.
I have ordered some are at 0.67mg/1.0ml, some at 0.8mg/1.0ml. and another at 1.0mg/1.0ml strength.
Bob, how about sharing this important information?

Author — StepStepBrother


Bob, you actually make your own C60, ie you are not buying the raw c60 material from a lab? Just clarifying... thanks!

Author — Cyndi McKenna


You'd imagine those miraculous results would have been thoroughly studied and they'd fill the description with research links, but nothing of the kind is there. Don't trust these "miraculous results" without amazingly-convincing evidence for them. Otherwise, you might as well be taking a placebo

Author — Pedro Franca