Anthony Danza - 'Still On the Way Way'

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Anthony Danza
Still On the Way Way
The BBS Diaries 2
PROOF AVENUE / Black Umbrella
recorded by Milo Eubank
mastered by D Sane

its no limit on the freeway, watching out for coppers
Im all over the place like silk the shocker
high speed channel 5 news chase runnin from the choppers
hell naw it aint my fault, we gettin dollars
dead ass right, runnin red ass lights through the intersection tryna get my bread ass right
im gettin money like Ray Ray
my line going yae yae, yeah im on the way way

jammin down the nickel or the 405
101, 99 tryna stay alive
stash chips like a snack booth, its a marathon
Danza, I got zips like a track suit
we work it out and make it stretch like Jane Fonda
I got the slap like E Honda
pushin through the residential, smoke prohibited
fenced in benched in drenched in marijuana
textin & drivin postin all my drama
weedin, speedin, readin the teleprompter
still 30 out, I hate to break to you
I gotta get gas, then Im straight to you

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This hit hard AF. Kind of has a dogg pound vibe/feel too it

Author — Joseph Rodriquez


This Man Album Covers be Fresh Asf! He has to be Anointed ☝

Author — Stark Waves


Did he just delete drop bass? What???? Ok thats a first

Author — Carissa Sh