Immortal Units? | Scuzzlebutt Combos Gameplay | South Park Phone Destroyer

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Here is some 9000+ legendary level gameplay featuring Scuzzlebutt's ability with Captain Diabetes and Canadian Knight Ike. The gameplay shown here was captured from my most recent livestream.

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💬 Comments

Thanks for this awesome Gameplay video! It was a pleasure to watch how to play scruzzlebut correctly. Very well done!

Author — Stefan S.


Sol, the only person that made scuzzlebutt work. This 7 cost walking deadwish, lol. Congrats.

Author — m.utt


2:34 cuando ike se hace inmortal, la verdad está difícil escoger

Author — Alejandro Zúñiga Ávila


Loved when that player quit after your CKI hit 3200 health!

Author — Benjamin Binglang


I was not impressed by Scuzzlebutt until I saw this video. I'll have to try this deck out!

Author — Klaus Dalgaard


Every deck i saw with scuzzlebut failed. Sol destroys people with it 🤣🤣🤣

Author — ThezealotBob


I've played you with this combo about 3 times it's very hard to combat even with powerbind ok hand.

Author — Dr. Dale


Such a great showcase of his potential. You rock bro

Author — JapanicattacK


Just brilliant I’m definitely going to steal this.

Author — Leo Contreras


I was really intrigued to see this since I didn’t think this card could be any good. Well done!

Author — Julien C.


This was hilarious and skillful at the same time LOL, well done!

Author — FloridaManRyan


Wow, that captain is a freaking beast

Author — phm18


Immune to spells is nice
3:00 Inuit Kenny would like to talk to you 😈

Author — Mystic Boar


con santa seria incluso peor lastima que el costo del combo seria muy alto

Author — andres pluche


No woodland critters? Good synergy with scuzzlebutt aswell

Author — Metin Pamuk


Is it possible to LB or UC Ike before deathwish activates? I think that most people will be prepared soon for this combo soon.

Author — Roman


Sol: CKI too strong 💪🏽 💪🏽
Other player: Alright I’ma head out ☠️☠️

Author — Kevin Flores


The freakout by Falkonjd @ 14:20 was hilarious 😂

Epic: Commander Hat

Keep up the good work Sol ❤️

Author — ꜱᴀᴜʟɢᴏᴏᴅᴍᴀɴʟᴍᴋ


You know You can triple the Charge speed With Hanky By using Dark angel red On Him Like You use him 1st And then when It reaches its the target then you can Respond him again with the character I said To do the same thing that Hanky does Again

Author — francis m.p.


This was amazing. Good job. Well deserved Like.

Author — Shika 916