Alba Iulia | Romania's BEST Kept Secret

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Alba Iulia, is one of Romania’s best kept secrets. I’ve never seen Alba Iulia show on anyone’s Top 10 List of Places to Visit in Romania, and had no idea what to expect when we decided to visit. To say we were pleasantly surprised is an understatement. Alba Iulia has an amazing and beautiful historic fortified city center in the shape of a star. Having once been settled by the Romans it hosts an impressive collection of Roman ruins and artifacts. I would most definitely encourage anyone traveling to Romania to put Alba Iulia on your list of places to visit.

Who is Mihaela Gimlin?

I am an artist. Since I was a child I was fascinated with shapes and colors. I started drawing and painting a very young age and never stopped. I received my bachelor's degree in Art from the University of Bucharest. I truly believe that art makes the world a better place. My youtube channel is my outlet to add a little more value to the world thru my art.

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This fantastic city (or 'cetatea' at least) have another special charm on evening with illuminated buildings, not so dark streets etc. Alba Iulia will be soon fully discover for mass tourism, now it's probably the last chance to overtake this, with advantage of perfect access to the city with new communications - a highway from Timisoara or (better) with just finished fast railway from Arad & rest of Europe; Alba have direct trains from Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest & every corner of Romania - not so fast, but really comfortable!

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Yes. The romans stole everything they found, and from there they attacked and massacred the people who built those places.
So do the apes do since the time begun.

Author — Loraine680