3 Of The Most Annoying Alarm Clocks In The World!

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago


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💬 Comments

Hey Matthias! I hate to admit it but I used to have one of those clocks. Thanks for all you do and for that Great content you make!

Author — JoezCodes 101


matthias, you are the best youtube ever!! You make me smile SO much. I couldn't go a whole day without watching at least one of ur vids!! I ❤❤ you

Author — AlexisDoesStuff


Actually I learned a technique from when I was in college, and it works on any alarm clock:

1.Put alarm on an annoying station(I use country)or buzzer.

2. Turn the volume high enough.

3. Set up alarm clock on dresser or table across the room! This requires you to get up and get across the room to turn it off, and you're already on your feet!

Author — KickyFut


Hey Matthias! I love you so much!! You had inspired me to make my own channel!!! You are the most hilarious YouTuber I have ever watched!!!!

Author — ashley!


matthias you are amazing. I love your videos. I watch you every day. :)

Author — Brindee22


Can you please do a revised version of this on Dope Or Nope? There are SO many ones out there now, would love to see you cover these! Buzzfeed ran an article back in 2013 “21 Alarm Clocks You'd Definitely Want To Wake Up To” - no matter how old that is, seeing you test them would be phenomenal.
Re Bryan making manic sounds to cover up the alarm clock, sounds like something I would do and would probably work as the most effective alarm clock out of all of these

Author — JulzMusic


*Matthias in your next review videos you should do "Good Buy or Nice Try"!!!*

Author — Gabe


The original wacky wake up is by sound design which timex now owns. I’ve had 3 of them. It doesn’t repeat phrases, and instead of vibrating it either makes bubble noises or rooster crows between phrases if you don’t hit snooze. It even has a bell mode and the first one had a built in radio to it.

Author — Kieorasama


I had one of the rolling ones. It always managed to find it's way under the bed so I would have to drag myself up and find it...needless to say it works if you put it somewhere you can't immediately grab it.

Author — Vampy Soultaker


I get what you're trying to say with pointing the alarm clock at your bed so it makes it just as easy to hit the snooze, however, the problem with that is that this thing is designed to launch off your nightstand and run away. If you point at your bed, it'll be launching itself into your face...lol
My problem with alarm clocks is that they tend to wake up EVERYONE in the house... not just you.

Author — Cullen승현


You forgot to take into account how easy it is to take the batteries out!! I used to disassemble my alarm clocks in my sleep, so that's a major issue (for me at least)!

Author — dianawnzl


My alarm is very loud and has a single beep every second, but every five seconds another beep is added every second. Eventually it just sounds like screaming. Try and sleep through that!

Author — Atomic QBomb


Hi, Matthias! I love your videos! I clicked the bell! 😃

Author — _cqt


Hello Matthias !!! Keep up the good work !

Author — Nektarios Antoniou


Runaway "Clocky" looked the most efficient to me. Especially w/ the fake snooze button. That's clever. Evil, but clever.

Author — Jeremy Martin


The thing about that flying alarm clock is that even if there wasn’t a camera there and it hadn’t broken, the plastic still is brittle enough to breath into sharp shards apron colliding with something. Bedrooms have things in them. I would not want that clock in my house if the plastic is such low quality!

Author — Alex Wohlgemuth


I'm not going to lie, I have one of the alarm clocks that roll around (I don't remember the exact brand) and when I don't want to get up I will duck tape it to my bed side table

Author — juniper storm


Hearing mom say "WAKE UP" is the most annoying alarm clock

Author — DerPyPuG LorD


"WOW! Look at that vibrating action!" - Matthias 2017.

Author — Wolf Lover09


My brother had one of those propeller alarms. Ear piercing loud constant frequency and an extremely fast and uncontrollable propeller without cage. Without a doubt merciless alarm that, neither fortunately nor unfortunately, WILL wake up EVERYONE in the house. Still a good product - no complaints.

Author — Jaidan Aldred