AVGN: Dragon's Lair (Higher Quality) Episode 37

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Episode 37 of The Angry Video Game Nerd "Dragon's Lair". Presented here in higher quality than previously available on YouTube. The old upload was only 360p. This is 480p. #mikematei #retro #retrogaming #gameplay #playthrough #livestream #review #nes #snes #matei

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This game is a perfect example of graphics over substance. I mean wow, the 8 bit graphics look like a 16 bit game, but at what cost? AT WHAT COST?

Author — Landon Balk


This is still one of the best endings to an AVGN episode ever.

Author — Juan D'Marco


I like how James says this game is all about trial and error when that's exactly how the arcade version was.

Author — //MemeDog//


"Did I just *die* by walking into the fucking *door*!?"
That's probably my favorite part, and also one of my favorite AVGN quotes of all time. I don't know why, but I just find that funny. Maybe it's the incredulous manner in which he says it? Eh, whatever reason, I still find it hilarious.

Author — General Snuggles


Don't know why, but my favorite moment is when James says: Do I go left? *tries it* Nope. Actually, if that was the case, I'd have to break something."

Author — Newie69MK


*clicks on this video*

*becomes a skeleton*

Author — Squideey


I think what the developers were going for in this game was a trial by error scenario, much like the arcade version. The only way to beat the game was to memorize all the patterns and choices along the way. Too bad it failed epicly.

Author — SkiKoala


Beating Dark Souls naked, using only your fists as a weapon is easier than beating this game.

Author — Junone King


The single greatest line in AVGN history
4:35 - "The decisions you make in this game are similar to if..."

Author — ermatthe


And now Korone tries to end this game, what a time to be alive

Author — Ada Zane


I feel like developers make games like this just to fuck with players.

Author — ShakeFan14


Funny, it was just today that was thinking about the Nerd's classic line of "69ing a Grizzly Bear while shoving King Kong up my ass." from this review. Hilarious line.

Author — Kreese2008


Avgn:"well, why ten when it can be eleven?"

nostalgia critic:"Because I like to go one step beyond."

Author — LunaticCollector


I was dazzled by watching the older kids play the arcade version at Showbiz Pizza and Chuck E Cheese.  One of my earliest memories at 2 or 3 years old.

Author — wasteofspace20


I'm still stunned by the quality of the animation, since 1983 was the time when animation looked extremely static and cheap.

Author — Fletcher Reed


If there's a crappy game, in your NES.
Who you gonna call? Bad Luck Bootsy!

I am sure, he could beat the game!

Author — Ádám Pajor


69 a grizzly a bear is by far my favorite avgn rant lmao

Author — FullyShadow


Rewatching this because of some brave doggo who finished the game albeit with cheats

Author — john carlo Rayas


The nerd is at his best when it's just him, the game and a camera. Feels less forced.

Author — Klokateer86


Oh boy, it went from SD to slightly better SD.

Author — Artemis