We Tried To Buy an Auction Jeep TRACKHAWK... What a Disaster (Almost got hustled)

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We Tried To Buy an Auction Jeep TRACKHAWK... What a Disaster (Almost got hustled) 5

The Hunt for a Jeep Trackhawk has begun... but it's off to a BAD start!

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💬 Comments on the video

Ruby was the best worst purchase ever. Love her haha

Author — Cleetus McFarland


Now the goonsquad is living your dreams

Author — matthew anderson


Cleetus: this thing is too broken, pass.

Goonzquad: Hold my beer!

Author — Rob Mckinnon


If the seller isn't an insurance company, stay far, far away.

Author — ETomatoeMan


Sold for 46, 250 with a Salvage title, needs about 15-20k repairs... Sucker born every minute!

Author — Merlin


This type of stuff should be considered fraud. Glad you guys checked the damage first!!

Author — Garrett Arens


You should put a Track Hawk motor in a old 90s Cherokee. Call it the tomahawk

Author — Quinn Moore


The panel gaps were like that when it came from the factory

Author — C’mon guys,it’s all ball bearings these days


"Cleetus McFarland and his 3000 hp Camaro" type that in your search bar to see drunk Cletus😂

Author — Zachary Tuckfield


Who ever bought that trackhawk got SMOKED

Author — manofsteel


I wouldnt pay 25, 000 Canadian for that. Which is like $159.72 US.

Author — Chuck Beef


"Now it's somebody else's problem." You got that right.

Author — alpalJL


Thanks Cleetus for making me never want to buy an auction vehicle. lol

Author — Brian Brammer


Ruby was not a mistake she was a miracle

Author — Hunter Jenkins


Cleetus "We all know why the Mustang is here" Lol 😂😂😂

Author — Chris Thompson


NUMBER ONE RULE: always make sure the car is being sold by a insurance company when buying from copart!

Author — David King


When my dodge 2500 was wreaked copart had it sold as near perfect with rear end damage/run/start

The truck was rearended and had the driveshaft pushed into the billet shaft and wedged into the crankshaft. The motor wouldn’t spin when cranking it with a breaker bar.

I feel bad for who ever bought it just cause it had a crushed fass and sump on it

Author — qfast817 qfast817


My Experience always tells me when the air bags go off, you got frame damage and needs frame machining

Author — Meh- canics


Victor needs to be around more, chill dude

Author — B P


Claiming you’re in Oregon to avoid that sales tax 😂😂😂

Author — mustanguy102