Lems Boulder Boot Review | Lightweight, Compressible & Minimalist Zero Drop Shoes

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At the time of this review, we’ve put the Lems Boulder Boots to the test for just over a month in the cold and rainy English winter. When it comes to durability, Lems gives these boots a 300 to 600 mile life-expectancy, and they’re looking good for it so far.

The Lems Boulder Boots are some of the lightest, most compressible, and minimal boots on the market. Better yet, they’re made with top-notch and highly durable materials. We’ve been impressed with their versatility across different environments, and while there’s no specific weatherproofing, the natural weather resistance of the materials is enough for most use-cases. The minimal design can take a bit of getting used to, but the Lems Boulder Boots are a fantastic pair of shoes if you’re interested in joining the barefoot movement or you just want a good pair of boots to travel with.


In this video, Nathan Coverdale of Pack Hacker reviews the Lems Boulder Boot. A lightweight, compressible, and minimalist zero drop shoe.



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Great review! I got myself the exact same type and I’m so happy with my purchase! Honestly for me they were the only shoe straight out of the box that didn’t hurt my feet or needed a week or so to break in. I plan to buy the primal 2 soon.

Author — Big Hoss


Great review, bought the mid version and loving them so far... is that st James park on the wall?

Author — marc clish


Great review, and love your positivity and clear eyes. You're like a Jude Law that grew up in Hawaii lol

Author — D C


I’m really surprised at the amount of people who don’t like the look of these. I’m about to order them in the black leather option and think they look great for many different occasions.

Author — Alexandra Rose


Could you review the waterproof version they make now?

Author — Mytrix


These are more urban boots. Not durable for work or serious hiking especially since they're not waterproof, I had a pair but were destroyed due to actual normal hiking. No grip but they do look pretty cool for casual gatherings

Author — Marco Femto


I have these and love these, but one time dredged on a wet, muddy hike and they took over 12 hours to dry. Now if there's any chance of rain, I wear my waterproofed Otz boots instead. I still love and wear my Lems though, going strong for a few years!

Author — Kristen


Just saw on the Lems site they’re coming out with a waterproof version in November 2019. 👍

Author — Jon Nelson


They look pretty cool. But I wish Lems would figure out a way to make find some waterproofing. Perhaps I could spray them with some water repellant? Do you have any reviews on the Lems Trailhead?

Author — Preston Owens


Hello. Is the nylon green or brown? at min 1:27 the nylon looks brown and the ones you are holding look green.

Author — locash75


For some reason they make me think of duckfeet

Author — m Dascoota


Easy to collapse cos there is no support - can you say Superfeet up one size and install Superfeet orange when the waterproof version comes out then you might have something.

Author — Basa 1959


No idea why people would be so negative on this boot's appearance, for a boot it looks pretty normal.

Author — Praxis-Cat


I bought a pair of boulder boots all leather, only walked my dog along normal roads no hill walking or in water, within a week, the sole started to come away at the toes sent them back, two weeks later, they sent me them back they had been repaired, they super glued were it was coming away, and said it was cosmetic? Probably the worst service I've ever had, and the worst foot wear I've ever bought, be warned

Author — Gerard Molyneux


Has anyone gotten a shoe repair shop to glue on another sole onto the existing Lem's sole? Seems like an easy fix, when the treads wear off. And, for some of us, we like a bit more padding on the bottom of the boot (i.e. bunions or other kinds of arthritis in feet joints).

I love my Lem's Primal II's for the gym or the wooded trails. Hurt my feet, generally, if hoofing around on pavement all day.

I got some Boulder Boots on order, should arrive next week; and I plan on wearing Neo's overboots on top of them, which will give me extra sole padding as well as added warmth and dryness for the winters, which are significant as I live in the Ol' Rocky Mountains. :-) J

Author — Mumpy Gumboo


Have you tried a zero drop or barefoot style shoe before? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Author — Pack Hacker


no weatherproofing at all? so its only for urban environments...and dry days only at that...

Author — Sam Watson


Good overview. Cotton lined is a downer. These seem to be a marketing ploy to appeal to those who want to feel hip or relevant in some outward way. If you want boots, get real boots - that means leather. These sissy slippers are not boots. WC Russell Moccasin in Berlin WI custom makes a minimalist barefoot style boot. Expensive, but worth it, really built to last beyond a hip trend.

Author — Dan Trutron


Do not buy. After 4 months the soles are worn out. No service from Lems.

Author — Applefun Puppetry


Zero foot support makes these a poor choice if you suffer from plantar fasciitis. Also there is no shank at all, making them terrible if your job requires you to be on ladders. It’s too bad really, as I like the roomy toe box and how light they are.

Author — drameday