Welcome to Plant-Based Cooking with Diane Smith

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Thinking about switching to a plant-based diet? 🍎🍑🌿I hope you'll join me on the whole food plant-based journey to health.

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Hello Diane, I just ordered your Plant-Based Meal Prep Cookbook. I started my nutritarian low fat whole food plant-based lifestyle in February after Chef AJ’s summit. I’ve borrowed so many books from the library to do research on what to eat. I loved your book. I loved the way you set up the intro. I love the two columns - much easier to read. Your recipes are great. I haven’t made anything from your book but sure plan to! I am so happy on this lifestyle after eating low carb for over a decade. My diabetes is under control and I’m eating so much more than on low carb. Thank you for your book.

Author — MaryAnne C-G