Bose QC35 QC35II QuietComfort 35 Headphones Battery Replacement Part Installation

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Bose QC35 QC35II QuietComfort 35 Headphones Battery Part Replacement Installation

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it is insane that the battery is so embedded in it. i don't even know why is that allowed.

Author — J.G. Gonzalez


I need expert opinion please. I will soon replace the battery in my QC 35 İİ. Would you recommend placing a non-original and higher capacity battery? What can go wrong? Any recommendations for replacement battery?

Author — Taner Göbülük


What tools did you use? Can you be specific?

Author — Satyam Nath


My Bose flahses amber as if it is charging yet does not go green and has no charge, is this the battery?

Author — Martin Cass


ok, if you havent used soldiering iron before? but need to replace battery, so noob, how hard is this for a person with no experience??? Looks easy, but obv i wouldbnt have a clue! thank you!

Author — MiscGlory Official


why dey make this shiz so complicate meeen!! >:(

Author — Kirk Lazarus