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Reverse2k's Edit & Aim Practice Map Code: 7279-2268-6852

In this video, I showcase the best practice routine to improve as a player in Fortnite. Recently, I've seen a top of different training programs or warm up routines on YouTube, so since I believe I have the best one in Fortnite, I wanted to share it all with you here today. This training routine can be broken up into four separate sections: free building in a blank creative map, working on the things you're not good at on Reverse's map, creative realistic solos for in-game fighting practice, and finally w-keying in arena. If you follow this Fortnite practice routine (technically a warm up routine I guess) I can guarantee you will improve at the game and become a better player! So, if you're looking for the best warm up practice training routine in the game, then look no further. On top of that, this video will help you warm up, show you some useful tips and tricks, and help you improve in Chapter 2 Season 4. By the way, the code for all the edit and aim practice maps are above (they are the best training practice maps in creative).

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Jerian: "you have to w-key"
Also jerian: lands risky

Author — titan


I love how zone wars are considered ‘medium stress’

I pee myself doing zone wars

Author — StarDoyleSnipes


Jerian: "This is just to get you fingers lose.

Also Jerian: Proceeds to edit faster than I can comprehend

Author —


Jerian freebuilding: "Noone hits every edit"
Ryft: "Im about to end this whole mans career"



Thanks Jerian! I'm only even slightly decent at the game just because of you, thanks a lot for giving all of this information out there for people to learn from.

Author — TAB


People getting a kill: Im so much better

Jerian: hehehe

Author — Nero


Bonus to train: try to play on high ping(by changing reagion), try to play with lower fps by puting it at 60 or 120, and try to play with no crosshair for muscle memory

Author — Mercuryy gamingg


*But Jerian* I can't be bothered to practise, I just want to play with my friends and clap them!

Author — Little Timmy


What I always says : I'm so Bad
What Jerian always says : I missed a shot

Author — Zero


Hey jerian, I use matchmaking or creative fill to play BHE, it’s really good for improving your close range aim because ur in such a small area with so many players, u can practice your piece control, aim and your crosshair placement (and a lot more).

Author — Festive


Gotta say just from free building clips looks like you’re really improving! Gg!

Author — Sean O'Sullivan


I love your videos jerian, you’re basically the only content creator. I’ve been watching your videos for 3 years now. You deserve everything you have.

Author — DJ


“Back in the hub” - Jerian

A wise man.

Author — Ricky Martinez


Thank you for these tips! Dropped 27 kills in solo squad on a laptop, made a video. Grinding in season 4 now to be as good as you 😊

Author — bluefieldchecker


This routine actually made me better, thanks :)

Author — Dropz


Hey Jerian, thank you for this helpful video. However I think you could add about 10 minutes of AimDuell to the routine, because you don’t get to practice it a lot in Arena/Realistic, however it will get you killed like 80% when Maniacs jump into your box. However I will use your routine and grind for the (hopefully) upcoming Winter Royale to maybe get my first Earnings.

Author — Luca Luca


I’m not at the level I want to be, but all your vids really helps me big time! Thank you! Aloha!

Author — MangryMe


When Jerian says "overall guys" it is the saddest part of the video

Author — Zaman Bassa


My favorite part about realistic solos: when you go to take a wall and realize there’s 3 players teaming in the same box.. 😡

Author — Freakmouth


I cried a lot today. But your video cheered me up. Thank u, keep up the great work papa Jerian💙

Author — Onzil