Clay's last talk with Justin | 13 Reasons Why S04E10

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The worst part of it all was that he was afraid to die...

Author — Logan


He lived as Justin Foley but He died as Justin Jensen.

Author — Alex McBean


When Justin asked Clay to hold his hand, I bursted into tears. Just shows how much they loved each other and how much Justin felt comforted by Clay. He held his hand until his last breath ):

Author — srt42893


no character’s death has ever hit me this hard. Rip Justin foley.

Author — Neha Jacob


Justin's death was harder on Clay than Jeff's and Hannah's were because he was his brother. The two of them have been through everything together and have always had each other's backs. They may not share the same blood but they are true brothers and always will be. And Justin may not have had anyone that cared about him growing up but he died surrounded by his true family, people that loved him unconditionally and would have done anything for him 💔💔

Author — Bibi AlKharraz


I cried SO much over this scene. Justin didn't deserve to die.

Author — Jacob Sherman


This felt so unnecessary... he’d got his life together. He’d gotten into college, he had a family. They’d finally put the whole Bryce and Monty thing to bed. Clay and Justin should’ve walked off into the sunset as brothers.

Author — Layzee Oneill


The way he's still trying to laugh when he's obviously afraid, it just breaks my heart 😭 I LOVE YOU JUSTIN FOLEY! YOU WILL FOREVER LIVE IN MY HEART!

Author — wintermacca


I’m sorry but Justin was prob the nicest most troubled kid in the entire show and to see Him die off by drugs at the end truley was heartbroken especially since he tried to be there for Bryce and Jessica This show was truly one of the best on Netflix and will ever be.

Author — JC


"For a long time in my life I had nothing but clothes on my body and my regrets. Then a person came into my life, a person named Clay Jensen. Even when I threw up in his room, he was there. He always was. Although I never had a family, I could feel what it was like, because Clay gave it to me. Because he is mine ... He is mine ... He is my brother, he is the positive influence in my life. He's the reason I'm alive and able to write that essay in the first place."
Clay talks after reading Justin's essay about a positive influence on his life.

Why are you gone, Justin?

Author — DCrazy -


It’s sad how he can hardly get the words out 😭

Author — Bobby Harrison


The groans he makes while talking to clay is just more depressing

Author — Papa Johns


They really killed my boy and thats crazy. Clay would need a ass ton of therapy after this

Author — Nyashia Hughes


The most touchable moment of the season, he didn’t deserve to die!!

Author — Ivan.MIR


💔💔 this is when I started crying and never stopped. But actually can we talk about Brandon Flynn’s acting?? 🔥🔥

Author — Kaya Joelle


The worst part is how he could barely say “I love you” to Clay

Author — Johan Giggleburg


Brandon took this role and made it absolutely amazing, you never see aids in any movie or TV show, the way he struggling to talk and his acting, this was the saddest scene ever! And i think they both deserve awards! Devestated x

Author — Samantha Baynam


The saddest part about this scene was how hard it was for him to talk. He could barely speak and each word sounded like his last

Author — Amir Dawson


The acting in this show is incredible. You can really see how he's scared, and struggling to breathe, Brandon did an awesome job here. And Clay, trying to hold it all together. </3

Author — Camille


Justin had it harder than Hannah, prove me wrong

Author — Bilbobaggins