Sink The Bismarck WW2 Classic

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Sink The Bismarck WW2 Classic 4.5
Battle sequence in which the English ship HMS HOOD takes on the German Battleship Bismark and losses big time. True story! Update 6/28/10: typo fix. Thanks for letting us know..

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My greatest respect to the British Royal Navy...we are brothers at arms...greetings from Berlin

Author — Matthias Jurisch


RIP to the brave men on Hood & Bismarck

Author — pearlsnaredrummer77


Fun fact:

The man who plays the Captain of the Prince of Wales witnessed the Hood blowing up in real life. He was a Petty Officer on PoW and partially blinded.

Author — BornInJordan


That scene would have been tough on the actor playing the Captain of HMS Prince of Wales. He'd been the actual Gunnery Officer on the real Prince of Wales in the Battle against Bismarck

Author — Aydan Casey


Yes the Actor was my step grandfather Esmond Knight, he was an officer on the Prince of Wales and he actually lost his left eye and was partially blinded in his right. He had a glass eye which he used to remove much to the horror of us when we were kids.

Author — Judith Devaney


Notice fantastic footage of HMS Vanguard's turret interior.

Author — ABC DEF


To think this happened 75 years ago today.

Author — thesparduck117


My grandfather always talked about this movie. May he rest in peace. 

Author — bawad01


Never fails to all expected a fighting chance at least, not just to be killed in minutes by
their own magazine.

Author — g2macs


I had the privilege to meet Lt Cmdr (ret) Bill Dundas during my time in the navy. He was one of the three survivors of the Hood.

Author — Eric Tull


The lethal salvo fired at 2:49 sounds "ominous and powerful" compared to the others.

Author — 60187guy


@hogalog The Brits have been destoying foes attempting to cross the pond since the begining of time, Id say they are pretty freaking good at it...

Author — kenc1161


The actor playing the old man on the Hood was there on KG5.

Author — Joy Lunn


Very commendable for a 1960 film to try achieving the realism of shell splashes, hits and big guns firing with nothing but wooden models and a water tank! Even by modern standard, it ain't too shabby. Just imagine what grandioso of the battle scenes of the battle of Denmark Strait could be achieved if todays' CG were put to use!!!

Author — trent8002003


Same for the Bismarck's crew. They were hit by 400 shells and a large amount of torpedos.

Author — Brandon Hudgins


"....takes on the German Battleship Bismark and losses big time" (sic). That's your summary of a naval engagement, is it? It's not a bloody video game, only 3 men survived the sinking, and that was sheer fluke.

Author — Bill Cobbett


Admiral Lutjens turned the Bismarck away from the engagement initially.  As the British ships were finding their range; finally Captain Lindeman muttered, "I will not allow my ship to be shot out from under my ass. Open fire!"  The rest is history.

Author — wild399


**sees hms hood on one of the ships**

oh no

Author — Ceri Rose


Remember my father taking me and my older brother to see this movie when we were young kids; also remember singing The Sink the Bismarck song by Johnny Horton at summer camp.

Author — Eugene DeGeorge


I'm surprised, the film shows the situation close to facts on the Bismarck after sinking the Hood. As I have seen in a documentary with a survivor of the Bismarck, there was no cheering after the sinking.That was also shown in this picture. As a German, I dont feel enthusiastic as well, realizing there were only 3 survivors from the Hood. What a tragedy. I pay my deepesest respect to the British navy-men and the high discipline of the crew on that Battle-cruiser.
Sadly, none of the movies or documentaries ever mentioned what actions were (not) taken to rescue the castaways from the Bismarck, and on another theatre - the Scharnhorst. After taking a handfull of sailors aboard, the ships left the rest in the sea. Official reason: U-Boat alert. (An U-Boat not taking action in such a battle?).

Author — gosuc