Worldwide Pleas To Save The Amazon As Fires Decimate Rainforest | NBC Nightly News

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Worldwide Pleas To Save The Amazon As Fires Decimate Rainforest | NBC Nightly News 4.5
A NASA scientist tells NBC’s Anne Thompson that nearly all the fires its satellites see in Brazil were started by people trying to make room for crops and cattle. A conservationist who was at a fire on the Brazil-Peru border said the blazes have been devastating for wildlife in the forest.

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Worldwide Pleas To Save The Amazon Ss Fires Decimate Rainforest | NBC Nightly News

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I bet if they reported on a kardashian it would get 1 million views smh the world don’t gag about itself

Author — Canna Blood


Everything was invented by human! Everything will be destroy by human... god will you please come down to earth and straighten human please....

Author — Juan Salazar


Profit and corporate greed will be the end of human life.

Unless we radically change the way our whole economy and society functions we are doomed.

Author — PMoose Traven



this is a wake up call for the entire world, I mean this is the fate of the world, if we can't save the world, at least save it's lungs, our and future generations are relying on us.

Author — DATB0i


Not limited only the Amazon, anywhere in the World. Put these stupid, selfish people in jail and throw away the key for good!!!

Author — Sam Vana


Brazil a country burned its history and is to burn its future

Author — pi pe Zhang


Amazon forest very dangerous this is time 😔😔
Pls God give tha rain that forest 😔😔

Author — Pollathavan Dhinesh


I’m ready for the next mass extinction. Lord, God, supreme alien, whatever is out there...send that meteor now. We are ready to return the earth back to where it was 10, 000 years ago.

Author — Zio Oren


Praying for strong rains to wipe out the fires.
Lord God, save the Amazon. 🙏🙏🙏

Author — Keeshia Potgieter - Pacursa


Amazon is a lung of carbon dioxide so it can give us oxygen and there they burning it

Author — Mightly Eagle


When the fire finally stops plant an many plants as possible we should not live this place millions of animals died just for 1 person

Author — Allen TW5


Commenting to contribute to the algorithm. This and stories like it need to trend more! #prayforamazonia <3

Author — Rhino TC


Guys a fire is man-made, it’s MADE by us. This was an inside job done by humans. If the Amazons gone, so are we

Author — grace


We're not living with the consequences of a changing planet. We're living with the consequences of our own greed and stupidity!

Author — Emil Oprisa


Instead of giving notice to subscribe your channel you should use your medial power to give a notice how people can help and how we can influence brasil politicians

Author — Al Capone


20% of earth's oxygen is going out the window.

Author — R.O.B. UNiQUE


Rip the animals who lives in amazon give hope pls we can change the world plant more trees pls our world is about to end if this things happen

Author — Yuko Tenshin


Y'all better stop "exasturbating" and emitting gasses ya nasty heathens! And plant some trees please!

Author — Scott Halliday


If I was there I would do anything to put out the fire and I would die for it

Author — John Bardaje


There are national emergencies that I would agree need to be handled by it's own people in it's own region, but this is a WORLD EMERGENCY!!!

Author — IR_Dankenstein