High Society - Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Store

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High Society is a medical marijuana dispensary in in Warr Acres, Oklahoma that has a highly professional operation and atmosphere. The revenue that medical marijuana has brought into the area, combined with the medical effects of the product, has begun to improve the lives of its citizens.

What are YOUR thoughts on medical marijuana and CBD?


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Seriously, they had the best/fastest rollout of any cannabis law ever... If we could all just do this, I don't think there'd be a huge point in legalization. It's California circa 1996-2017!

Author — rocknrollboise


I live in a town of about 100, 000 ppl in Oklahoma and we got about 30 dispensary already up in operating it’s crazy

Author — jayton580


I live in Texas any fellow olkahoma medical resident's willing to help a brother out lol I would take a trip up there in a heart beat if I knew someone with a med card.4 hour drive fuck it

Author — ItzDatBoiJames


West Coast still going to produce the best quality smokes. Micro-Climates play a big roll on growing.

Author — Tom Hacks


Oh remember the days before legalization in california, I mean there were a lot of shady medical shops, I'm sure there will be everywhere, but you could find legit reputable medical dispos back then. But enjoy it while you guys can till they start taxing it like over here lol

Author — Joenald Bum


Meanwhile in Illinois if your lucky enough to find moon rocks they cost 100/g

Author — John Myers


Do u have to be a resident for a year or would i be able to receive one just moving in

Author — SouthernFried Motors


Do any of the dispensaries sell thc cartridges? I've been doing research but I've never seen anything about thc cartridges.

Author — Lalo Rangel


got some top shelf fire 🔥 indoors quality buds was wondering if yall interested in getting some?? Contact : Snapchat- jeffmille2021

Author — Jeff Mille


Oklahoma is already leading the cannabis industry with only 1 year under its belt! It's happened so fast, many people in other states haven't even realized it yet.
We just opened a full spectrum cannabis cafe in Tulsa! Live music every night, a heated consumption patio and open 24/7. 

Thanks James for putting this out there!

Author — Eufloria Dispensary Franchise


Check out This Walk Through in Oklahoma.

Author — Oklahoma Cannabiz


All your deal @cracklady on telegram best vendor on market🍁🍁🕊for all kinds of weed I just got mine delivered

Author — Bob Anderson


So anyone with out a medical card can purchase some medical marijuana?

Author — Gamer JAG1989


Looks like you need me to come out from California and run a few grow spots for you. Those buds need lots if help. Zinc and boron deficient needs more CAL and mag. Way more phosphorus in 4 to 6 week range will fill out the buds and harden them up. The plants just need to be treated correctly and not fed the flavor of the week and following what the bottle directions say. There's a reason hydrostores push high margin products

Author — NorCal_CBR


Oklahoma do not license immigrants for cannabis. They will not take your federal id stating you are a resident alien here. All they take is ID and a birth certificate. Passport and IR6 will not be approved if you are a foreigner legally here. No rights!

Author — Jax Paradize


They look new to the weed game. Ok got no real gas..its all blue dream and greek crack.

Author — Chee Lee


Also just because we have it in our body doesn't mean Its ok to just add levels for the fuck of it lol. Watch a documentary called Vitamania. Take too much vitamin E and you go blind don't get enough of it your body shuts down

Author — NorCal_CBR


James can you pray for your generation, we need God to lead us all!

Author — Phu Huynh


I'm a Disciple as well, but James I was offended by you going into that Dispensary. I saw your heart and mind and you were clearly judging the employees in the store. I condemn you from going to anymore dispensaries. Post another vid like this I will call the police.

Author — Cam F